In a Profession Obsessed with Serving the Client First,
What Happens When We All Ignore Ourselves?

Build a Brand New YOU, Conquer Self-Limiting Beliefs, and Drive Your Law Firm into its Most Profitable and Prosperous Years Ever!

Small Firm Attorneys Prepare to Increase Their Wealth, Improve Their Health, Gain Confidence, and Become Action-Takers as They Learn to Rethink “How an Attorney Should Succeed”

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Dear Fellow Attorney,

Are you at your healthiest and wealthiest?

It’s a simple question, but if you can’t answer “yes” right away, we need to talk.

And if you did manage to quickly utter a “yes,” how confident are you in that answer, and do you have a realistic plan to grow your wealth and protect your health?

Or, maybe you didn’t answer the question. You were taken aback. It’s a rather forward question, like asking a woman how much she weighs... on a first date.

For me, it’s not out of left field.

Instead, it became my life’s work – alongside my law practice.

After I settled (as much as one can) the health and wealth question for myself and created a plan to keep both parts strong, I set about building a path for other solo and small firm attorneys like you to follow.

In short, I want you to be at your healthiest and wealthiest.

(And I’ll tell you WHY : my own experience in owning a law firm came with deep challenges. Once I figured out how to conquer those challenges, it became clear there was a gap in our profession between the “big firms” and solo/small firm attorneys. There wasn’t enough success education that actually applies to the small firms. So, I’m changing that. Have been for over 12 years now.)

Big, Bold Promise #1

You will walk away from my one-of-a-kind, “under the big top,” excitement-inducing event (details headed your way throughout this letter)with revenue-boosting strategies capable of adding 25-200% growth in your practice during the coming year.

Even better? See how to manifest that growth as part of setting even bigger goals, so these jumps in revenue will be the happy byproduct of even greater growth to come!

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Unfortunately, there is a profession-wide challenge you and I face. We have, known or not, struggled with it for decades, and I now understand that the struggle – the fight for or against it – makes all the difference...

This Letter is Different From Any I’ve Written Before

Over 12 years. That’s how long Great Legal Marketing has stood by the side of solo and small firm attorneys.

The name is a dead giveaway as to what GLM (for short) does. It helps attorneys deal with the minefield known as “Legal Marketing.” What started with ME teaching marketing is now a WE teaching marketing.

Marketing is still the first point of entrance. It’s why thousands of solo and small firm attorneys join the world of GLM.

Many of the thousands (millions?) of words I’ve written and spoken focus on that topic.

How to get more clients.

How to make more money.

Make no mistake, what I will share with you in these pages WILL GET YOU MORE CLIENTS. The ideas contained here WILL MAKE YOU MORE MONEY.

But it’s not just about generating leads anymore...

I’m not here to lecture you on multi-step follow-up systems or the latest and greatest in search engine optimization (but I have experts who will help you with those things).

Instead, this letter turns inward.

This time, I’m examining YOU and using me as an example.

If it sounds egotistical to position myself as a paragon worthy of study, let me explain. Or you close this letter, toss it to the side, and forget about it. Your choice.

I’ve cracked the barrier of turning 60 years old. This is supposed to be when you start to wind down a little bit. For me, it feels like a brand-new beginning in the middle of an already incredible journey. And there’s a good deal more to explain, so let’s do it...

My Nine Kids, Two Businesses, and Staying Fit (Mentally and Physically)

I have nine kids. Yes, by choice and no surprise twins. (Same wife, too!) As a matter of fact, very much by choice. Four of my kiddos were adopted from China. Two of those kids have fairly severe social/neurological issues from their time in horrific orphanage conditions.

All parents understand that raising a child gives you incomparable insight into human development.

Those of us who raise children with developmental and/or trauma-induced issues often end up learning more about the human condition than we bargained for. Not putting one set of parents above the other. All of us end up with challenges that force us to learn and adapt. It just happens that when you work to face down the deep troubles of hurt children (mentally or physically), you spend a lot of time scanning the world for answers.

My kids provided – and still provide – a certain first-hand experience in the work required to retrain the human mind.


Let me pause for a moment.

“Retrain the human mind."

It’s a deep concept rife with controversy and misinformation.

DISPUTED: There are many people who mistakenly believe the human mind is a “fixed point.” They prefer a world in which they can blame things outside of their control for their poor performance. Neuroscience and the emerging field of “brain training” directly contradict this misinformed belief.

However, understanding the human mind has a level of elasticity and adaptability is central to what I need to teach you.

The amygdala is a major piece of your fight or flight response. If it stays “on” for too long, you will experience serious physiological and psychological issues.

Intuitively, you grasp the concept that the brain can be trained. The brain can be improved, just as it can be traumatized. “Training the brain” cuts both ways.

Left alone, the mind retreats into Fight or Flight mode when presented with nearly any surprise or change in environment. In our house, we refer to this as “your hyperactive amygdala.” Think about the consequences of this mechanism. Every time the status quo breaks, your mind first spins up in a whirl of adrenaline and fear. It may not seem so dramatic when it happens. You may feel a small tingle of unease – a strange queasiness.

However, each little tingle of fear adds up. (Another saying in our house: “The body always remembers.”)

We grow increasingly fearful.

For some, it boils over into full-fledged anxiety.

I’ve seen it in my children, but I’ve seen it in attorneys too. There are a lot of books written about kids. Very few about attorneys. But the end result is particularly troublesome for a law practice owner.

You end up in a state of “Performance Paralysis.”

Big, Bold Promise #2

You will eliminate all forms of Performance Paralysis and be equipped with the tools to conquer the threat of reoccurrences!

This one development can catapult a mild-mannered law firm into a market conquering force to be reckoned with! Gain the confidence to press forward in growing your law firm no matter the negativity that may attempt to suppress your ambitions.

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Your mind has not been trained to respond instead of react. Your amygdala takes over.

I’ve seen it happen to good attorneys. Great people. It’s like watching a basketball player who is shooting aces from the court step to the free throw line and bounce both off the rim. It shouldn’t happen, but the primordial brain gets the best of us.

Have you ever watched an NFL quarterback play a good game, then throw an interception and suddenly fall apart? They’re playing scared. The game speeds up in their heads when it should slow down. Decision-making goes haywire, leading to collapse.

For you and me, the process is much more insidious.

It starts with the first time you “protected” yourself by ignoring a marketing opportunity because you were focused on the fear of “what if this doesn’t work” instead of a belief in “What If This Does Work.”

It’s a self-defeating, compounding behavior.

The consequences of you underperforming are similar to a quarterback’s. It is extremely rare for a team without a good quarterback to succeed, just a like a law firm without a top-flight leader at the helm.

Fear begets a limited vision. When our ancestors were chased by a monstrous saber-toothed tiger, they didn’t stop to smell the roses.

And here’s where I see it happen the most... (Don’t worry, I’ll get back to the two businesses and staying fit part soon)

3 Personal Development Challenges Directly Related to the Growth of Your Law Firm

1. Underpaid and Underappreciated

You set the fees for your law firm (yes, even those of us – myself included – who handle contingency fee cases, because we decide what value of cases we take).

You set the standard for how you are treated.

The wider world (i.e. what other law firms are charging) doesn’t force you to be the cheapest attorney in town. They can’t make you keep a client who treats you badly.

Great Legal Marketing member and criminal defense attorney Lee Berlin in Oklahoma explained it this way when he sent me the following as part of larger report:

“First thing I did after joining GLM is to take Ben’s advice and raise my fees. So, I doubled them. The business didn’t drop off; it actually increased. Dramatic increase in my bottom line. It wasn’t easy, at first. The first time you look a client in the eye and say $10,000, $25,000, $40,000, $50,000 or $150,000 it takes a titanium backbone. (Yes, I quoted $150,000. I was hired and paid in full.) An attorney told me the other day they though my fee was too high and that they knew of only one or two lawyers that charge that much. My response, was that he should hang out with better lawyers, and ‘How much do they charge? I need to know so I can raise my rates.’”

A titanium backbone indeed, Lee. My applause to him.

And I know you are capable of the same leaps in your own practice.

Transform how you think about your own value, and the misery of putting yourself second to everyone else will go away. Plus, you will find that clients who know your value and are willing to pay for it are better clients. They actually listen and comply with what you ask of them!

(By the way, people told me I not only could not but should not charge people out of work $4,000 up front to handle their long-term disability claims on a contingency fee basis. “Not fair,” they said. My response: “Go read our reviews. The clients love the work we do.” You can read those reviews too at, just so you know I’m one of the few who walks the walk, not just talks the talk.)

2. The Law Practice You (Actually) Desire

The mythology of owning a law firm hurts our profession.

 We were all told, “Just do good work and the cases will come.” That was my belief when I left a larger firm to start my own practice in 1995 – the story in greater detail in just a few pages. I’ve spent over a decade fighting that lie.

However, there are still those attorneys who wake up and say, “If I just keep doing good work, the rest will work itself out.” And for an infinitesimally small percentage, that is true. The rest of us need to find a way to get the work coming in faster and earlier.

What do you actually desire?

Do you really want a law practice where the growth is dependent on your endless grinding away on the next case until you catch a mystical Big Break?

Or would you like a law practice built first around your desired lifestyle and designed to provide you with the time, energy, and money needed to fuel that lifestyle? (If unsure, ask your spouse and kids. Seriously.)

The two above ideas do not exist harmoniously.

Every time you shun a great idea because it doesn’t fit neatly into the prescribed worldview of our professors and peers, you build a larger wall of fear.

(Please note: doing good work is of the utmost importance. No tricks, hacks, or tips will save those doing bad work. I just know that those attorneys who play in the waters of Great Legal Marketing tend to be fantastic attorneys already. They are just tired of waiting on that skill to pay off magically on its own.)

3. Letting the Bad Apple Poison the Good Ones

Have you ever had an employee who you knew you should fire, but didn’t? Me too. More than once. No good comes of it.

Banish the evil, insidious invaders of your practice! Build a mental fortress against those people who would take advantage of your kindness, allowing you to help those who deserve it instead.

The list of horror stories range from intake specialists who just won’t answer to the phone to over a million dollars in embezzlement – and everything in between.

It’s not easy to say, but the fault lies at our feet. When we let a person stay employed with us despite our knowledge of bad behavior, only we are to blame when the walls come crashing down. The beliefs vary from attorney to attorney as to why you “can’t” fire that person. You may think he or she won’t be able to find work elsewhere. (Isn’t that damning in and of itself? You’re not a charity, and your own family will suffer in exchange. That makes it pretty easy for me.)

Some attorneys think the employee just can’t be replaced. (Build systems that others can execute for you. Never let yourself be the victim of employees who care more about keeping their job than doing it well. Also, every employee can be replaced. Full stop.)

Attorneys who focus singularly on their purpose handle these situations with ease and grace. Fortunately, there is a plan waiting for you...

Big, Bold Promise #3, #4, and #5

#3: Discover how to increase your fees while simultaneously getting rid of “price resistance” from potential clients! Every practice area can benefit from better fee-setting – and even if you upgraded your fees in the past, see how you could improve your margins even more!

#4: Nail down what you want from your law firm and get a proven plan to go from idea to executed reality. You will finally have a law firm built entirely around your personal interests and preferred lifestyle!

#5: Become a confident, magnetic leader capable of make the Tough Choices of who belongs on your team. Get rid of guilt-trip employees and attract the perfect personnel to populate your practice!

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Take Control from the Caveman Instincts and Become Master of Your Mind

“The chief task in life is simply this: to identify and separate matters so I can say clearly to myself which are externals not under my control, and which have to do with the choices I actually control.”

-- Seneca, Discourses

The principle of control only what you can control is as universal in philosophy as gravity is in science.

Like gravity, control is a constant.

You have control. Whether or not you exercise it is a different matter.

Unlike gravity, however, control can be given away – or you believe it to be given away. You can abdicate control. Much of the time, this abdication is illusory. You believe you don’t have control when in fact you do.

This is a principle frequently talked about at my dinner table.

Remember those nine kids I told you about earlier? We’re back to them. Don’t forget: four are adopted from China and two have severe early childhood, trauma-related issues.

The caveman in your mind wants to take the reins. If he does, he’ll bring chaos, angst, and negative thinking into your world. Controlling the caveman is a central – but frequently ignored – key to success.

I tell my kids all the time, “You can’t control what other people do. You can only control your response.”

Understand, this is extremely difficult for a traumatized mind. My two hurt children have a tough time with this part. I swell with pride every time they are able to make the smallest breakthrough with self-control. Each incremental step in their development has taken a legion of therapists, doctors, and consultants. (These days, my wife, Sandi, and I get invited to speak at parenting seminars at churches in our area.)

You and I are supposed to have healthier brains.

Knowing what I know and having seen what I’ve seen, DO NOT LET YOUR MIND GO TO WASTE.

Your ability to rationally control your RESPONSE to challenges is a gift.

It’s a key element of our humanity. We can override the caveman instincts that drive us to flee or fight.

You’re fortunate.

Don’t take your mental health for granted.

Frankly, many attorneys live as Reactionary People. Our profession is, after all, centered around reacting to the legal problems of others.

Attorneys don’t, minus a select few practice areas, go out and create a new need in someone’s life for which you have a service. Instead, you are the Reaction to a problem a person deals with – they need a solution to their crisis.

Over a career, our status as Reactive Solution for the clients can sour the mind. It’s why so many attorneys cast blame. It’s part of our job. We help attribute blame. No wonder we end up with the mental ability to shift blame away from ourselves! It was our basic training!

The truth is that there are things for which we are to blame – anything we can control.

The #1 thing you can control is simple: Your Response.

When a good idea falls apart, you can wallow in self-pity or you can pick yourself up and say, “On to the next idea.”

If your law firm isn’t bringing in the revenue you desire, you can spend all the hours of the day shouting about what the world has done to you. Or, you can observe your current circumstances, collect yourself, and take one step forward.

Have you heard of an Ultra-marathon?

It’s a race longer than the already-extensive 26.2 miles of a marathon. I’ve run a number of regular marathons in my life. They are tough enough. However, the people who run “ultras” (known, anticlimactically, as ultra-marathoners) regularly traverse distances of 50 to 100 miles. My oldest son, Brian, runs ultras these days and continues to impress all of us with stupendous running accomplishments. He happens to be a fine attorney in his own right, as well.

An ultra-marathoner deals with many things out of his or her control during a race – nearly all are held outdoors, weather be damned.

My son Brian, conquering an ultra-marathon. Crazy? Maybe. Proof that the mind is more powerful than the body? Definitely.

Rain leaves their shoes soggy, creating blisters. A hot day saps their strength and creates the constant concern of dehydration.

The terrain brings its own problems. Brambles and briars nip at the shins of racers. Long uphill climbs drain energy while treacherous downhill sections require immense concentration to safely take advantage of gravity’s aide in acceleration.

These ultra-marathoners, when interviewed, are often asked, “How do you keep going after all those miles?”

The near-universal response is an adage seemingly as old as our language is: “I just keep putting one foot in front of the other.”

That’s the one thing they can control.

They react to the pain of blisters by taking one more step.

They react to exhaustion by taking one more step.

The successful runner decides to take the next step. He avoids the drain of self-pity and of overthinking the obstacles. By constant action, the goal is achieved. The race will come to an end. How successful the result depends on how quickly you can tell yourself, “Take the next step.”

My kids have long been taught to look for opportunity in adversity. It’s the right way to react.

What do you do when adversity pops up?

It’s not going to be a perfect reaction every time, but I can show you how to move the needle in a big way. Go from jittery jumpiness to calm and confident responses. And if you already have good control over those responses, I’ll show you how to take that and turn it into a whole new level of personal productivity and prosperity.

Big, Bold Promise #6

Gain control of your brain’s response system and train it to search for profit-generating solutions instead of reacting with adrenaline-driven snap judgments.

Reduce stress while increasing your revenue just by tapping into the decision-making structure of the human brain! It may sound like “woo-woo,” and once upon a time I might have agreed with you, but my experience helping my own kids proves it to work. You can make big gains in your business and personal lives by using this “strange” discovery quickly gaining traction in the world of high-performing athletes and great thinkers.

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Living the Aligned Life

How to Take Command and Make More from Your Business and Personal Lives

“How many have laid waste to your life when you weren’t aware of what you were losing; how much was wasted in pointless grief, foolish joy, greedy desire, and social amusements – how little of your own was left to you. You will realize you are dying before your time.”

-- Seneca, On the Brevity of Life

If you don’t decide what you want, someone else will. Guarantee it.

People are happy to set your priorities for you. No, they’re not scribbling down your to-do list on a notepad, and they won’t bark orders. Their priority-setting is far more furtive and dangerous.

Little guilt trips turn into long-standing ownership of your emotions. The desire for interoffice friendships creates tension between the needs of running a business and wrapping your identity up in “being a good boss,” achieved by placating the wanton desires of employees who check out at 5 o’clock on the dot. (A good boss, by the way, is one who serves himself or herself first. Only by serving yourself will you have the patience, energy, and resources to foster an enticing and rewarding work environment.)

Our profession as a whole, unfortunately, is notorious for deciding your path before you even graduate law school.

All of us heard one word time and again: “calling.”

“The law is a calling.”

The Atticus Finch dream. And there is an Atticus Finch in all of us, I’m sure.

We also have families to feed, bills to pay, and greater lives we want to lead. It’s a conflict felt most of all by practice owners like you and me. Worry not, for you can do both! You can help people deeply in need of your help and make great money doing it – without suffering through 80-hour work weeks.

As a matter of fact, if you make more money with the normal work of your law firm, you can afford to spend the time you want to helping out special cases.

Ultimately, you have a decision to make...

What Do You Want Your Life to Look Like?

How do you want to spend your time? Who do you want as clients the most? Who is on your team in the office, helping you succeed? What do you do with your family? How long are your vacations? How much money do you make?

These are all questions worth answering. Only by providing yourself with firm answers can you engineer the path to the desired outcome.

On the Mythology of Our “Calling” vs. the Reality of Being a Law Firm Entrepreneur

Not long ago, I attended the law school convocation for one of my paralegals who was flying the nest to become an attorney. The speaker was a well-known attorney who had experience handling cases in front of the Supreme Court (most famously the Hobby Lobby case). He repeatedly told the audience of hopeful attorneys that they were called to serve their clients. He spoke of the nobility of the profession and told them they were different from other people in the working world.

My, my, the half-truths he spoke! The speaker was unknowingly setting these students up for a lifetime of frustration. (The profound danger of ignorance from those who haven’t “been there, done that” in owning a law firm like yours or mine.)

We are fortunate to be part of the judicial system, but we are not above the fray of the economy. As a matter of fact, you should delight in the acts of capitalism occurring within the legal profession! It creates opportunity for those of us willing to build something – i.e. a law practice – for ourselves. Living in the reality of entrepreneurship is a more difficult task than subjugating your mind to the mythology of the “calling.” However, the rewards are far greater, and the ability to better control the result more than make up for any obstacles along the way.

Your destination is determined by your ability to envision it.

This is an intuitive idea, but it flies in the face of all the “it’s the journey, not the destination, that counts” language used in our culture. What a load of... hooey. Yes, the journey is important. But walking out the door one day and heading off in a random direction is a specific lifestyle, not a path to success in business.

The greatest influencers operate with incredible purpose. They don’t spend time second-guessing every action, because their WHY is set in stone, and no one is allowed to interfere with it.

Often, the destination, as it can be an ephemeral concept, is better called a PURPOSE.

My purpose is simple...

I provide for the financial and emotional stability of my family.


It is my primary objective in all that I do. My law firm exists first to provide for the financial and emotional stability of my family. The fact that I help people recover from traumatic car accidents and regain the disability benefits from greedy insurance companies is a wonderful bonus in my life.

The decisions I make filter through my purpose. If something will not provide for my family, it often gets the axe.

I should note here that “self-oriented pursuits,” such as staying mentally and physically fit, also provide for my family. If I am not well, how can I run the practice that pays the mortgage and pays for college? If I don’t take some time for myself, how will I have the patience to be an emotionally stable presence in my household? Living my purpose takes many paths.

Now, we arrive at the ALIGNED LIFE.

This is a space in our minds many attempt to fill with money. The promise of money is that it will cure nearly all ills. Dissatisfied with your life? A bigger house is the remedy. Or so we’re told (or, more pointedly, sold?).

However, the person living an Aligned Life sees money as a tool. It can be a barometer of your success, but it is also how you take your family on a vacation to Italy – if that is what you desire. Do not mix the desires of others for your desires. This is why you see so many attorneys driving the same car and looking far too intently at each other’s clothing. It’s a silly game. And if I had any interest in “winning” it, I can simply tell them, “I work 40 hours a week. Sometimes less. I get home every night to enjoy dinner with my family. And I own the law firm, meaning I answer only to my whims and desires. Also, I only have the clients I want and get rid of the ones who cause trouble.” Easy win.

Big, Bold Promise #7

Did you know that almost one in three Americans doesn’t get enough sleep? I’d bet the number is worse for practice owners like you and me. A study in the journal Neurology revealed that bad sleep is related to dementia and Alzheimer’s – specifically, REM sleep’s association with the cognitive impairment conditions.

How many bad nights of sleep do you end up suffering through because your law firm’s problems keep you wide awake with worry?

While the science continues to prove on the value of sleep, I operate with firm conviction that good sleep is key to personal performance. And the long-term mental health benefits are worth careful study.

Living an Aligned Life helps me sleep soundly, think wisely, and operate efficiently. The benefits are tremendous, and at the Summit you will see exactly how to realign your life to reduce stress, improve sleep, and increase cognitive capacity!

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You have a wonderful opportunity in life. As a law firm owner, you get to make decisions others only dream of.

You decide the life you want to live and can live it both in and out of work.

The average person may get close to living in alignment with themselves outside of the office. For many, their job is a way to financially sustain pursuits outside of work.

You exist in the envious and hard-earned position to do business according to your principles. I, for example, have no desire to play games with insurance adjusters, so my team operates with strict instructions to not engage in any unnecessary tête-à-tête with them. We keep things simple, because our emotional energy is not expendable on such nonsense. Additionally, I expect and enforce a “No Drama” policy in my office. People with normal jobs put up with all sorts of nonsense in the work place. That isn’t part of living my version of an Aligned Life, so it is eliminated.

You can live an Aligned Life as well.

And it pays well to do so.

Great Legal Marketing member and personal injury attorney Stacey Barrus shares how his family comes first:

“Hard work, and implementing these principles, has provided a lot of opportunities for my family and I (my wife and I have four girls). I take time off whenever I want to go do things with my kids, I never miss important school events, and I am always home for family dinner. In fact, I just booked our family vacation for this summer - a 7-night Caribbean Cruise. When we told the kids, my daughter commented ‘We’re going on another cruise again this summer? Aren’t cruises expensive?’

‘Yes,’ my wife replied.

‘Then how are we able to go on another cruise?’

‘Because daddy works his butt off,’ my wife replied. In reality, I do work hard, but I try to also work smartly and dedicate as much time to marketing as I possibly can.”

Notice Stacey’s mention of reality at the end. He works hard. Practice owners must work hard to live in alignment. It is not easy.

It is far easier to live out of alignment than in. It is easier to give into reactionary behavior and letting your law firm call the shots for you than it is to take the reins and wrest control from the forces aching to determine your path. It’s how the majority of attorneys live their lives.

Why do so many attorneys live out of alignment?

They have not defined their purpose.

And the ones who give it some thought are beaten down by the chattering of people who expect you to “honor the profession” and “put your clients before yourself.”

There has not been a reliable path to the Aligned Life for attorneys...

Until now.

Here are a few of the people who will show you how to grow your mind and your wealth for years to come...

  1. Ben Glass (yours truly, founder of Great Legal Marketing and BenGlassLaw – and, yes, still a practicing attorney)

I’m prepared to open the book on my life, both inside and outside my law practice, wider than ever before. There are keys to my success born from tremendous struggle that I am finally ready to reveal. Why now rather than before? Frankly, some of the secrets and strategies were still in development, and only now with the perspective of time can I best teach them to you.

This year, you will uncover the driving forces behind an unprecedented period of growth and prosperity for my law firm. Because I am one of the few leaders in our niche still running a practice, all the concepts, strategies, and tactics I have for you are thoroughly tested. They are, in a world, REAL.

No theories or “good ideas.” Those are plentiful.

Instead, learn from my mistakes and “steal” the ideas behind my greatest triumphs – including how I quadrupled the size of a practice area in less than two years.

  1. Dave Frees (wildly successful estate planning attorney, founder of Business Black Ops, and sought-after success speaker)

Dave is a master of the marketing arts, and there may be no greater communicator of how to successfully put together a marketing strategy than Dave. He combines a deep knowledge of human psychology and behavior (when you see him at the Summit, ask him about his time as an interrogator...) with a very practical sense of this needs to bring in clients.

Most of all, Dave is both a student and creator of human performance.

(Side note: Never trust anyone teaching business development, marketing, or personal performance who is not also an active student. The non-student is merely a profiteer in the field, not a serious practitioner worth your time and trust.)

I’ve seen Dave address rooms of 12 and rooms of 200+ about the subject of persuasion. Every audience walks away invigorated and inspired, because Dave will teach you how to unlock latent personality traits capable of turning you into a master persuader.

  1. Charley Mann (Chief marketing officer of Great Legal Marketing and trusted advisor of GLM members)

For many attorneys entering the twin worlds of success and marketing, the number one thing they need is clarity – a direct path to follow with steps to achieve along the way. Few have helped more attorneys achieve that clarity than Charley.

I believe the biggest reason Charley can provide that clarity is that his path is similar to yours. He came from a non-entrepreneurial world (stage theater) and learned how small businesses succeed from the ground up. Through a combination of real world experience (aka being thrown into the fires of handling the marketing for both of my businesses) and boot-strapped, self-taught knowledge, he built a wide-ranging skillset but focuses first and foremost on how to efficiently and profitably attract new clients to a law firm.

Charley will show you a direct path from your personal performance improvements to immense marketing and client attraction success!

  1. Dr. Timothy Royer (President, NeuroPeak Pro and leading voice in the neuroscience and brain training movements)

How would you like to hear from the man who helped turn Kirk Cousins into a superstar quarterback? No, I’m not talking about Jay Gruden or anyone else on the Washington Redskins staff. Not even pointing to anyone from his alma mater, Michigan State. I’m talking about the “man behind the curtain,” Dr. Royer.

Here’s what is being said about Dr. Royer these days, from

It was Washington wide receiver Jamison Crowder who caught Kirk Cousins’ sublime 44-yard pass for a touchdown against Green Bay on week 11, but the ball had Neuropeak Pro’s fingerprints all over it. The Redskins’ quarterback is one of a growing series of athletes, from the NFL and NBA to the NCAA and professional golf, turning to brain performance specialists Neuropeak Pro, as they seek those extra percentages that can make the difference between a touchdown or a sack.

How would you like to learn about human performance from Dr. Royer himself and uncover the methods used to create career-best seasons for high-end athletes?

I’ve personally used the NeuroPeak system for almost a year now, and the results have been outstanding. MasterMind members of Great Legal Marketing were treated to an extended lecture by Dr. Royer in January and walked away tremendously impressed with his observations and insight into how the mind functions.

Neuropeak Pro works with best-selling authors, congressmen, public speakers, Grammy Award winners, military generals, professional athletes, and anyone who wants to improve their performance.


Some will be skeptical of these ideas. My wife, Sandi, was skeptical of Dr. Royer... at first. However, after hearing him discuss the effect of trauma on the human brain in person, she immediately saw the connection between the difficulties faced by our traumatized, adopted kids from China and how people like you and me can retrain our minds for greater performance. If you knew Sandi, you would appreciate her keen nose for BS. She’s a practical person. Dr. Royer’s approach backs up a lot of what she already knew about the human mind and how to help others reach their mental potential.

Dr. Royer’s expertise and practical experience in combining the sciences surrounding human performance (sleep disorders, psychology, neurology, and more) provides a unique perspective on how to get the most out of your life.

  1. Michael Mogill (founder and owner of Crisp Video)

If you don’t know Michael, then you are missing out on an incredible story of business development in a market many consider a commodity: video production. There is so much to learn from a business owner who made it onto the Inc. 5000 list, and I can’t wait for attendees of the Summit to hear from someone as talented, giving, and ambitious as Michael!

On the base level, his company, Crisp Video produces exceptional-quality videos for attorneys. But that’s the surface. In my personal experience working with Crisp, the process was oriented foremost around figuring out and telling my story. It was a self-discovery journey with the outcome being an effective marketing tool I use throughout the client attraction and conversion process at my law firm.

Michael will show you how to take the persuasive tools you learn at the Summit and apply them to growing forms of media! This is how you rapidly multiply your marketing’s footprint, and Michael is the man to show you a path to expansive growth.

  1. Great Legal Marketing Members

Actual attorneys running real, successful practices. There will be no shortage of real-life success stories sharing their best personal and practice development strategies at this year’s Summit!

I know how important it is to see all the ideas in action, and these men and women are shining examples worth careful study. They also happen to be the most generous group of attorneys you will ever meet. Each one is happy to open the book on what makes their practices profitable and how they conquer the obstacles in their path.

If you came and just listened to the members presenting, you would walk away with the greatest wealth of practical and inspirational ideas you have ever encountered. Each one of them has a story certain to resonate with all solo and small firm attorneys. They’ve grown small firms into region-dominating  practices and double, tripled, and even quadrupled their revenue!

These are just the currently confirmed speakers as of this writing, but there are more we will add as the year continues. With the currently announced crew of experts listed above, the value of this event is already sky-high. And as I continue to add new speakers and experts, understand there is one requirement, no matter their subject matter: they must provide exceptional value in the world of Personal Performance for you!

(Of note: our stage is not the “pay to play” variety you find at many other attorney events. While you will see the occasional vendor speak on the stage, each speaker is vetted to ensure his or her core values line up with ours and that they meet an expected level of value for attendees.)

Big, Bold Promise #8

Experience a rocket ship relaunch of your entrepreneurial spirit, no matter where you are in the practice ownership cycle!

Every attendee walks away from the Summit feeling a surge of inspiration to succeed and grow. There is no rivaling the experience and excitement of a live event, and this particular one is the best!

The “post-Summit bump” in productivity and revenue growth reported by attendees is a very real phenomenon, and it is entirely due to the energy imbued through the process of discovery and implementation.

You get more than ideas at the Summit. The event is full of step-by-step instructions to retrain your mind, craft new action plans, set smarter goals, and implement the key strategies.

reserve your spot

Wealth and Self-Help; Chicken and the Egg – Which Comes First?

Have you ever seen a wealthy person talk about “mindset” and thought that it’s easy for him or her to talk about because of the existing wealth?

Do you wonder if people with money tend to enter into mindset programs, or if mindset programs help people make money?

It’s a fair question...

And I’ve heard a variation of this objection more times than I can count.

Attorneys will hear me talk about success and say, “Yeah, but look at all the clients you get and the advantages you have.”

Ha! Advantages... didn’t have any of those in the beginning. Except my mindset.

My mindset has always been one of abundance. I believed in the ideals of the self-made man (or woman). Still do believe in them. Even more so now than before.

I did not start my journey with a great deal of wealth. And I didn’t start it with every mental sanctum unlocked and available to me. Just like you, I had hang-ups and obstructions to clear thinking.

So when it comes to the question of which comes first...

I can say with certainty that my experience and time as a teacher to thousands of attorneys dictates that ONLY those willing to help themselves will ever see true wealth.

If your mental state is one of denial, there is only more suffering ahead.

It is easy for the belief of “it won’t happen to me” to come true.

Let me tell you a story. It’s not my story, actually. It’s the story of my Chief Marketing Officer, Charley Mann.

Charley was a new graduated theater major when he started at Great Legal Marketing.

It may sound like a weird fit at first, but it worked out better than he or I ever expected. He’s now a trusted resource to all the members of Great Legal Marketing and an integral part of achieving my mission to change the minds and fortunes of solo and small firm attorneys like you.

Charley was around a lot of artists in college. There was an expression – you’ll recognize it instantly – used by many of these artists that didn’t sit right with him. They all professed the desire to be a “Starving Artist.”

It was an accepted belief that you would spend most of your life in that state. Well, that’s an easy prophecy to fulfill, isn’t it! All you need to do is work less and disdain success. Then it comes true.

As a matter of fact, the more you object to being successful, the more of a Starving Artist you will be!

Is that where your mind is at right now?

Do you love the idea of owning your practice but believe that yours just isn’t going to be as successful as others? It’s easy to end up there when that is your expectation. The ONLY way to reach a positive destination is to have a clear picture of where you are going...

Big Mental Moves for Big, Bold Profits

Thoughts control your actions. (Not surprising you with that statement, merely prefacing an important point.) If you can change the way you think, you change the way you act.

The status quo wants to bury you in a sludge of inaction. That’s why the greatest mental deficit is complacency.

I’m 60 years old.

You knew how to do this in the past. There is still a part of you that can do it, and you do control your thoughts in parts of your life. Over time, however, life piles on its agenda for you, and it erodes your control one piece at a time. You can 100% relearn how to control every part of your life...

There are many men and women who reach my age and say, “That’s good enough.” Everything stays locked in. (Let’s be honest. It’s been locked in for better or worse for a decade or two at that point.) This past year, however, has been my BIGGEST year ever in improving how I think. And, as though by magic (but really achieved through the underappreciated power of the human will to succeed), my practice continues to hit “best year ever” financially in a very competitive DC-Metro market.

My success is NO MISTAKE. It is not “luck.” It is, in fact, a byproduct of my introspective growth and ability to expand my expectations and goals. The bigger my thinking over the last two years, the more my practice grew.

It all started with a simple action: I made a decision. I decided to GO BIG. I found a coach, and I set about reengaging with both of my businesses in a way like never before.

Now, both BenGlassLaw and Great Legal Marketing are on accelerating trajectories to change thousands lives in tremendous ways. BenGlassLaw serves more clients than ever before and is run by the best team we’ve ever had. Great Legal Marketing has more members than any time in its history by far and our events fill up faster than ever before!

Big, Bold Promise #9 and #10

#9: Be in the only place engineered specifically for the success of solo and small firm attorneys above all other interests (unlike some other events created exclusively for the benefit of the person running it).

Both attendees and vendors tell me every year, “This place is so different! Everyone here is so positive!”

While I’ll take some credit for creating a place where ambitious attorneys flock to every year, it is truly the attorneys who come year after year who set the tone. (Our repeat attendee rate is extremely high, with many attendees who have been to many, many years’ worth of events!) Prepare for an infectious attitude and unparalleled positivity from your fellow attendees.

#10: Your next profitable referral partnership or life-changing personal friendship is right around the corner. Many attendees strike up life-long relationships and look forward to seeing each other at future events. Again, there is no place like the Summit and no better group of attorneys to inspire you. I guarantee you that you will find at least three people at this Summit who provide you with advice or other resources to pay for the price of attending, outside of all the other ideas you learn from the speakers!

reserve your spot

(As I’m writing this, the Summit already has over 80 people registered for a room designed to seat 230 – those were just people who signed up for this year’s three-day Peak Personal Performance Summit at last year’s big event. There is action you need to take at the end of this letter to make sure you get one of the remaining seats.)

Combine Thought and Action...

The biggest thoughts require the biggest actions. Candidly, they require risk.

Risk is a topic many “leaders” in the law firm success world avoid. They want you to believe they have a magic wand capable of fixing all your woes. Most don’t have a clue because they’ve never risked even one dollar running a law firm. Some sought out the legal niche to offer seminars because they know many attorneys are desperate.

I intentionally avoid preaching a magic panacea approach, because it is a lie. Maybe that’s why my organization has outlived so many others and grown while other groups steadily shrink?

Eventually, the truth wins out. Or, I’m tilting at windmills. Either way, I’m happier being honest and attracting ambitious attorneys who have a strong grasp on reality combined with a positive outlook on life. I repel the whiners and quitters. They will have none of my honesty.

Not all risks are the same, however.

There are wild, vain risks. These are the swings of the bat you should never take. The ball is obviously outside of the strike zone, and you’re acting in desperation to get a hit.

The better risks are CALCULATED RISKS.

You can leverage predictable odds over time to scale up your practice. Swing only at the right pitches, and you will connect.

And I’ll show you my own...

Swing often enough at the right pitches, and you hit a home run.

It all begins, however, with knowing how to step to the plate and identify the right opportunities.

The good news is opportunities, strategies, and paths to follow are aplenty at this year’s Summit.

The Deep Dark Truth, Set to Be Revealed in Full this October at the Summit

(How I Almost Failed and Why I Ultimately Succeeded)

Have you ever broken under the stress of owning your law firm? Found yourself in tears because the burden feels like it will never go away? Dealt with thoughts so terrifyingly burdensome, you wanted it to all go away? are not alone.

We’re turning into dark territory here.

Nasty bits of reality. My hands are shaking a little knowing what I’m about to revisit. If you don’t have the stomach, flip a couple pages ahead.

You’ve been warned...

Around the turn of the millennia, my law firm broke me.

Well, that’s not entirely true. That is putting blame on an inanimate location, an intangible entity.

I broke me.

Allow me to explain and expose the misfortune that shaped me. When you understand where I come from, you will see the amazing potential for yourself. Because you don’t need to make the mistakes I made. You can avoid the pitfalls and catastrophes. And if you feel like you’re in the middle of a growing sinkhole, I’ll show you there is a way out of it.

BenGlassLaw opened its doors in the summer heat of 1995.

I had just purchased a fairly large home on a good parcel of land to accommodate a growing family. Thank goodness for that foresight, because it ended up being bigger than Sandi (my wife) and I ever expected!

The future looked promising. For a few years, it was good.

Then, as we closed in on the end of the millennium, it started to sour...

I remember vividly the day I sat out in my backyard and wept. For the first time in my life, I was going to fire someone simply because I couldn’t afford to pay her. The struggle of accepting my personal failure and reconciling it with the impact it would have on my employee was too much in that moment. Sandi and I were dealing with piled up loans to keep up with the mortgage. The debt was mountainous.

And the only person to blame was me...

I wished I could blame “the system” and all the other attorneys who kept feeding me the same bad advice they’ve churned out for decades. They told me to “just add more lawyers.” I bought into the idea that each one of those attorneys would bring in their own clients – my special squad of personal rainmakers... boy, was that dumb.

My eagerness to do something (read: anything) to grow my law firm led me to hire 5 attorneys. Some I hired because I felt sorry for them because they didn’t have jobs. My grand vision was to expand into new practice areas. It basically went like this: “You go to this seminar, and we’ll be workers’ compensation attorneys. I’ll go to the family law seminar, and we’ll start doing divorces.” (Remember a few pages back where I talked about the hyperactive amygdala? Mine was on overdrive and feeding into my cycle of soul-crushing stress.)

During this time in my life, there were dire thoughts in my mind. Let’s just say that wherever your head has gone on your worst days, I’ve been down that path as well.

On my best days, my belly was so tight I couldn’t breath enough to exercise.

What changed?

How did I move from then and there (i.e. a sprawling disaster zone filled with debt, doom, and gloom) to here and now (i.e. running two very successful businesses, safely providing for a big family, and loving life more at age 60 than just about any year prior)?

This all happened before I became a serious student of success literature. I had to learn the hard way.

I fired one attorney. It was hard. The second, third, and fourth, not as hard.

I sought out mentors. Nearly all told me: I, too, was once in your situation.

The public library and I became good friends as I sought to learn all I could about being a better business owner.

I took on marketing first. I needed more of the right clients.

It seems like a leap of faith, but statistics show this is almost always the right choice.

My criteria for case selection became stricter. This sounds counter-intuitive, but the reality is too many bad cases were let into my office. Choices driven by fear, of course. These D- and F-level clients were sucking the financial and spiritual lifeblood from me. Some were fired. Others referred out.

The more I was for a specific person or group of people, the fewer of the bad cases that came my way... while FAR MORE GOOD CASES showed up.

Dealing with BS shouldn’t be part of your day-to-day struggle. I now have a hardline, no tolerance stance against it. It was learned, not innate.

Even today, my tolerance for bulls*** from people (clients and staff included) remains zero. That’s strength purchased from struggling through hard times brought on by too much BS.

One key above all saved me: I had faith that I would pull through this.

I never cut corner with my trust account (the beginning of the end for many attorneys).

In the midst of it all, a letter from Nightingale-Conant showed up. Almost by accident. There was a product in it called Magnetic Marketing by a man named Dan Kennedy – today, I call Dan both a mentor and friend.

I studied. I bought more of Dan’s materials.

I internalized the principles. I made new friends. I discovered and read Atlas Shrugged for the first time and began grappling with the philosophy of my life, connecting the thru-lines and figuring out what I stand for.

It hasn’t always been a straight line upward to life I now lead. Plenty of bumps along the way. But the philosophical and marketing foundation built from years of study and implementation makes the bumps easier to shrug off. I can change direction and get back into fifth gear.

This was not behavior taught by other attorneys.

My journey required a look outside our profession to discover what I needed.

Not for you...

You have the chance to learn from incredible attorneys running amazing practices. Attorneys who have their heads screwed on straight – and who happen to be members of Great Legal Marketing.

Big, Bold Promise #11 and #12

#11: Discover the exact tactical approach I used to construct a practice around how I wanted to do business. My law firm currently does very comfortable seven-figure business every year without needing a litany of “rainmakers.” To the shock of many, I spend the first 4-5 hours of every work day in my home office, and I never work on the weekend. It all begins with a proven plan on how to find, attract, and convert the best clients for your practice – and you will get that plan at the Summit!

#12: Get my action plan and mind-map for rapid growth! Right now, BenGlassLaw is hitting “best year ever” records thanks to new innovations in marketing and management. The best part for me is that this growth is occurring while I actively separate myself from nearly all of the day-to-day operations. The law firm is managed through monitoring of Key Performance Indicators, so my job as a leader is to make sure everyone has the resources needed to hit the numbers we need. This single system keeps employees on track, improves revenue, and allows the practice owner (me!) to take more time off – and it’s all yours at the Summit!

reserve your spot

Who MUST Attend This Year’s Big, Three-Day Success Event for Attorneys

While I am certain any attorney who makes the commitment to be part of this year’s Summit will benefit, you may have a specific problem you want solved.

YOU WANT... more clients calling your practice.

Have you been reading this letter and wondered, “But how will this get me more clients and make me more money?”

Fair question. And I’m happy to say there is an excellent answer.

First off, if you’re looking for this solution right now, you might be newer to the Great Legal Marketing ecosystem or are experiencing a slump in your practice. What you want are the key strategies to boost your law firm’s revenue.

EVERYONE WHO ATTENDS this year’s Summit has the opportunity to take part in a “Launchpad Series” during a special breakout session!

(You can thank attendees of past Summits who put out this request. Our events are truly built with the attendees put first.)

While the Launchpad is designed for those who haven’t been around Great Legal Marketing for as much time, it will be perfect for any attorney or staff member looking to bolster his or her marketing foundation.

YOU WANT... to be more persuasive, leading to greater personal success in life and business.

I could have titled this entire letter as, “Big, Abundant Thinkers Are More Persuasive and More Successful.”

No great leader (or salesman) has succeeded by being a middle-of-the-road thinker. The bigger, the better. People gravitate to someone with big plans and ambitions.

People follow the big thinkers. We all want to see the grand vision and put ourselves on a path toward it.

Being persuasive starts with an introspective approach.

Identify your personality strengths and learn how to exploit your personal persuasive toolbox.

Worried you’re not a “natural salesman?” That’s fine! Neither am I.

I prefer building a trail of boulder-sized breadcrumbs, making it easy for clients to find and come to me. This strategy is, more than any other, an act of bravado. You must learn the art of when to push and when to hold back. It is deep-psych persuasion. Understood by few. Mastered by even fewer.

Discover how to turn Big Thinking into Natural Persuasion without any tricks or gimmicks. I’ve used this one concept to the tune of millions of dollars for over a decade. It can and will pay the same dividends for you!

While others sit on the sidelines wondering “what I could have accomplished,” you will be out in the real world, actually hitting your goals and finding great fulfillment than all others.

YOU WANT... greater productivity, both for yourself and your staff.

The leader sets the standard.

That is simply how human beings operate. When the leader is not at his or her best, the people under the leadership follow suit.

What is leadership, after all, if not setting the tone?

So many components of your practice depend on you as a leader. Every bit of improved performance stems from you.

It is a big responsibility. But you didn’t get into the business of owning a law practice to shirk such responsibility, did you? Of course not! This is another opportunity to take advantage of your status at the top of the food chain to get more from you and your team.

Improve yourself and the rest will follow.

Over the last year, I struck up a relationship with a personal coach. He helped me change the way I operate and perform as a leader.

Every step that I took forward, my team took in unison.

Inspire those around you to achieve more by being a productive, positive, high-performance role model. The best way to get more from your team is to show them what success looks like!

Self-improvement is about more than you. It is about the other people in your life. My relationships with family and my community both get better as I get better. It sounds selfish, but the results experienced by anyone who engages in serious, ambitious self-help attests to its efficacy. Your world gets better around you.

YOU WANT... greater happiness, more time to explore your personal interests, and a sense of fulfillment.

Happiness and fulfillment. Chased by many, achieved by few.

The problem is many of us mistake a path of enlightenment (a noble goal worth pursuit) with a path of fulfillment. These ideas don’t always go hand in hand – the exception being the professional philosopher.

Fulfillment is to activity as enlightenment is to thought.

Enlightenment shows you a path. Fulfillment is traveling that path and making it to important destinations.

The two combined are your happiness.

Your greatest joy stems from knowing where you want to go and actually trying to get there. Even a simple day of fishing is made better by knowing what fish you could catch and training yourself to be a better fisherman by testing different baits.

The leader sets the standard.

I know how to help you identify where you want to go and how to put you on the path to that place. Done it for countless attorneys. And you are next.

YOU WANT... a lasting legacy.

My mind spends increasing time in this space. Legacy. What will I leave behind?

This naturally happens as you roll toward what others consider “retirement age” (no intention of it though – I enjoy the work I do and look forward to at least another decade of growing both businesses).

Do not ignore the idea of developing a legacy, even if you are decades younger than me. Deciding how you want to impact the world is a choice best made young. You have that much more time to make it happen.

Many high-performing members of Great Legal Marketing understand the impact owning a law firm can have.

Every job you create improves at least one life.

The clients you help are better for having worked with you.

Your family looks at you with pride over your accomplishments and enjoys the fruits of your labors.

You provide inspiration to attorneys who think that firm ownership is only a pipe dream.

Members of your community look to you as a source of real help and good.

These are not unrealistic statements. They are the achievements of attorneys just like you. Are you ready to build your legacy and make the work that you do about more than the service itself?

WHERE to Be and WHEN to Be There

If you’ve made it here interested in attending and are looking for the final details before committing, here’s what you need to know...

WHEN: 8 AM on Thursday, October 18 through 3 PM on Saturday, October 20

Due to overwhelming positive feedback at previous Summits, I decided to host an extended 3-day Summit (normally two days in the past). This is not a casual “let’s take a mini-vacation to play some golf” legal marketing conference. You will enjoy three jam-packed days of proven, life-altering systems for practice growth and wealth attraction.

WHERE: Renaissance Capital View Hotel Arlington, Virginia

(minutes from Reagan National Airport)

You know the venue of an event can make a big difference in your ability to relax and focus on the speakers. That’s why we are returning for a fifth year to the Renaissance.

Attendees rave about the hotel, and its convenient location next to Reagan Airport means you’re just a short shuttle ride away from the destination after landing.

Additionally, there are restaurants located within walking distance, so you won’t be stuck eating “hotel food” through your stay.

By the way, some past attendees brought their families with them for a quick vacation in the nation’s capital. The hotel is just four miles from The White House with easy access to the city.

The REAL Reasons You Wouldn’t Attend This Event... (and Why None of Those Excuses Are Real)

Every year, attendees of the Summit come up to me and say:

Ben, I have been reading your stuff for years. I own a couple of your books and listened to one of your CD programs, but it just didn’t fit for me at the time.

I didn’t ‘get it’ until I came to the Great Legal Marketing Summit. Witnessing testimonies of success after success, not only from the stage, but from the conversations in the hall and hanging out with lawyers in my practice area, made the light bulb turn on. I just wish it had happened sooner.

It thrills me to hear those words out of countless new attorneys every year. But it leaves me to wonder… Why aren’t others there to experience the same thing?

We’ve heard all of the excuses, and I want to knock them off, one by one…

“It’s too expensive.”

Utter malarkey! The amount of money set to be made by any attorney willing to learn and act on the information at this event easily outweighs the cost of attendance. Your Return on Investment could easily be tenfold in under a year.

Most lawyers need to bring in JUST ONE EXTRA CASE in order to pay off the expense of attendance.

This is an excuse that you won’t hear from those who are serious about succeeding. They weigh the investment cost versus the opportunity. This one is entirely clear-cut. Your opportunity for personal growth in wealth and health far outweighs the cost of being there.

I’ve talked with past attendees who stretched their dollars and lived a little leaner for a couple months in order to make their way to the Summit (and the stunning thing is these people experience the most dramatic turnarounds, because they are not comfortable with their lives and aggressively pursue something better for themselves). There is no “price” excuse.

“It won’t work in my practice.”

You won’t hear that from Angela McIlveen (Family Law), Michele Lewane (Workers’ Comp), John Griffith (Personal Injury), Corey Walker (Workers’ Comp), Van Hardenbergh (Criminal Defense), Jim Dodson (Personal Injury), Vaughan de Kirby (Immigration), Chuck Roulet (Estate Planning), Brian Beckcom (Personal Injury), Meliha Perez Halpern (Personal Injury), Joel Beck (Estate Planning), Lee Berlin (Criminal Defense), John Bledsoe (Family Law), Jenny Stevens (Personal Injury), Tim Semelroth (Social Security Disability), Francine Love (Business Law), Brent Adams (Personal Injury), Mike Mastry (Estate Planning), or Joe Barberi (Personal Injury)… JUST TO NAME A SELECT FEW.

The members of GLM and attendees of the Summit think different from others. Instead of insisting something won’t work, they ask themselves, “How do I make this work in my practice?”

This is a straightforward example of the IMMENSE IMPORTANCE for you to be part of this year’s Summit. It opens your mind instead of closing it off to opportunities.

“This is too good to be true.”

The truth? You don’t become successful just by attending this event.

Our attendees who achieve success will go home with an action plan and IMPLEMENT. They challenge themselves every day to stay in a positive mindset and to control their reactions – pushing forward instead of looking back.

I won’t beat around the bush on that one and pretend your attendance alone gets the success fairy to wave her magic wand over you and, “POOF!” you will double your revenue.

However, if you listen and you make changes, you will have the tools for transformation, actionable plans, and motivation coupled with confidence to build a law firm centered around your ideal lifestyle and personal philosophy.

These people are successful because of what they do with what they learn. I’m providing you with the place to discover what needs to be done!

Attorneys have doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled their practices with our help. Personal incomes have followed suit. It has happened many, many times before and will continue to happen to those who listen and act.

“My spouse or law partner has doubts.”

Bring this person with you! He or she will be equally inspired and excited!

I expect this to happen, especially with a topic as controversial as the performance of the human mind. There will always be doubters. There will always be those people who think that success is achieved through luck or “fate...” We all hear it. From friends, from business partners, from family, from those who love us most. They don’t want to believe it could be as “simple” as changing how you think. (You and I know it’s not so simple. Changing your behavior takes time and effort. And a heavy dose of inspiration to make the change. That’s why this year’s Summit is set to be so well-attended – quite likely our best yet. People need the models and inspiration to break their status quo.)

But I often hear something different… I hear from spouses and law partners who say, “I didn’t think this would work. I thought it sounded silly. But now we are making more money than ever.” Spouses have written us to say, “Thank you for helping my husband get home every night to go to soccer practices and dance recitals. He’s no longer in the office on weekends. He doesn’t spend his time at home stressing out about work. Thank you.”

Honestly, the best way to reverse this attitude is for you to bring your spouse and/or law partner to the Summit with you! Dozens of attendees do this every year, and the guests are always blown away by the real-life potential of what we teach. They will see first-hand examples of success – many of them, for that matter, since we don’t just have one or two case studies to point to, unlike others. There won’t be any doubts then.

“I’ve been to a Great Legal Marketing event before. How will this be different?”

Warning: This Summit is for the adventurous attorney, willing to accept a level of “strangeness” in how they think about success.

The 2018 Peak Personal Performance Summit will, frankly, be weirder than events in the past. Never before have I been ready to open up so completely about the way I operate in life and business. With my 60th birthday come and gone, I am in the midst of a revolutionary period of personal growth and law firm expansion! Gain from my immense experience both as a practice owner and adviser to top-performing attorneys around the world.

Over three days, break down the internal barriers holding you back from moving to higher levels of achievement – both in the office and at home. This is perfect for any attorney who feels inhibited by a lack of time, lack of future vision, or a lack of joy in running a law firm. Your wise investment in being a law firm owner should provide you with a life well-lived, but many attorneys retire with only dollars to show for it, while missing out on important life events that can’t be bought back with money. Don’t succumb to this profession-wide problem. See how to live a rich life, financially and emotionally!

“I’m just too busy.”

Ants are busy. The real question is whether you are living a fulfilled life on your terms. Lots of attorneys are “busy.” So busy they work nights and weekends. I call that torture.

Unless there is a trial date scheduled already, you have to answer this: Are you too busy to take the next step in transforming and bettering your personal performance? Are you too busy to discover how other attorneys built wildly profitable practices designed around their desired lifestyle? Too busy to be where everyone is driving toward the same personal success goals as you?

My Final Big, Bold Promise and an Outrageous GUARANTEE About Attending the Summit!

Put to bed any concerns you might have about whether or not this is the right choice with the best guarantee in the whole profession!

Here’s my deal for you: if you don’t walk away with a realistic plan worth 10X what you paid to attend, I will do three things for you...

  1. Refund you 150% the price of your ticket.
  2. Pay for up to $500 worth of your travel expenses.
  3. Send a $500 check to your spouse, significant other, or other family member for the “inconvenience” of taking you away for three days.

Outrageous, yes? Well, I stand behind my event and the value we provide. My expectation for every attendee is that you will see a clear path to tremendous personal growth, huge revenue increases, and transformative positives changes in how much you enjoy running your law firm (which I consider to be the greatest investment you ever made)!

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The Urgency of this Subject

Many attorneys retire or die young with only 80-hour workweeks and missed family activities to show for it. They might be wealthy, but there's something missing – a perceived but unaddressed gap. And for many, they won't even have the wealth to show for all their hard work.

If I didn't seek out help earlier on, I dread to think about being stuck in neutral with unrealized dreams... It's almost overwhelming to imagine.

But I did seek out help. As soon as possible.

One of my greatest “superpowers” is acting with urgency... Will you do the same?

I didn't know it at the time, but I had stumbled upon one of the REAL SECRETS of Success: A Sense of Urgency.

The #1 difference between successful practice owners and those who remain dissatisfied is your Sense of Urgency.

One group sees opportunity and allows the compulsion to learn and act take over. The other group prefers the role of skeptic and critic. It's a lot more comfortable to be the critic. It requires less work.

To be successful, you must ACT.

You face a chance right now to Take Major Action. There is no doubt that those crazy few who join their fellow success-seekers in October are the ones set to benefit. There’s no learning and progressing without being there.

I want to help attorneys like you who are ready to regain control and BUILD A BETTER LIFE, dictated by your desires.. I want to help you realize all of your immense potential as a practice owner

This is an exciting moment. There is a great amount of power in re-inventing yourself. You will be in the one space dedicated to bringing the best outcome for solo and small firm attorneys – as people. You won’t hear incessant warnings trying to stop you from stepping on toes like at other events. You are invited to come to where you will be UNLEASHED, free to explore ways to MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER.

A Decision Must Be Made

This choice is yours. Change or status quo. Advance forward or stay put.

Attend. Or don’t. My case is made. There will be hundreds who read this and make the choice to take part. You too can prepare for a lifetime of success. Others will idly sit on their thumbs at home – only thoughts of “what if” to keep them company.

Despite my best efforts, I can’t force your hand. I can’t sign the form, and I can’t require you to make the right choice.

Ultimately, I want people in the room who are serious about creating a better, brighter, more successful future for themselves. If you rue the idea of “creating success,” all the better you don’t attend.

This is an opportunity to MAKE MORE of the BEST INVESTMENT you ever made: your law practice.

Silence the doubters and the critics.

Change the lives of those around you.

Decision Time arrives. Your registration form awaits your choice.

I look forward to congratulating you in person on your smart decision.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Ben Glass

P.S. A series of escalating price deadlines will occur. Pay careful attention to the instructions on your form to secure the greatest discount available. Refer to as well for online registration. 

P.P.S. I do expect a sellout. It happens year after year. The sooner you register, the sooner you can plan travel accordingly. Membership is higher than ever before, and members are the first to snatch up tickets (at an increased discount – refer to included form for information). 

P.P.P.S. Do the math... Just one great transformational idea, taken and implemented, is likely worth tens of thousands of dollars in new clients to your practice. What would you do with that money? Go on vacation? Increase the kids’ college savings plans? Reinvest in your practice? Pay off your mortgage? This is a life-changing experience awaiting your decision.

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What Your High-Achieving Peers Are Saying About Great Legal Marketing and the Summit

“My only regret regarding GLM is that this fantastic, practice-changing, eye-opening, enthusiasm-inducing program wasn’t available to me 30 years ago when I started practicing law. This was my second conference and my second regret is this not being my 6th or 7th. For all of those attorneys who are looking for a better way to build the mousetrap and at the same time wanting to get out of the rat-race (enough of the vermin!), do yourself a favor and attend the next conference. You can thank me later.”

Christopher Russell (personal injury; CA)

I used the Great Legal Marketing methods to take my solo firm from under $10,000 per month to a conglomerate earning over $1.25M per year. The GLM system worked for me and it can work for anybody. It took a lot of faith to sign up, but after listening to the coaching and mastermind calls for a few months it started to catch on, and the more ideas I implemented, the more my practice grew.”

Van Hardenbergh (criminal defense; VA)

GLM is an excellent resource for me and my firm. I've been with them only three months and already my monthly income has doubled. I can only wait and see what happens the rest of the year as I continue to follow their marketing suggestions. This is a transformative group. Ben and Charley are accessible and helpful. I'm so glad I found them!”

Francine Love (business law; NY)

Very good, motivational, inspiring. In February 2016, I decided to really commit to implementing the core GLM strategies. I still have a long way to go, but 2016 has been my best year in long time!”

Matthew Dunaway (bankruptcy; AL)

The Summit was a great experience for me and best thing I have done for my law practice in a long time.

John Bledsoe (family law; CA)

“The best part for me was getting to spend a couple days with like-minded people who love what they are doing. It’s amazing how energizing it is! Thanks for an awesome Summit!”

Dave Ward (family law; GA)

“Ben, you’ve done it again. This is my fourth conference. It may seem crazy to fly all the way from Seattle to D.C., but the truth is, I wouldn’t miss a GLM event. I always leave with a fresh action plan for things to implement to grow my firm and help build a better life.

Jason Epstein (personal injury; WA)

“You and your team exceeded my expectations yet again. I was impressed not only by the knowledge and creativity of everyone present, but also the kindness and eagerness to share ideas shown by your team and the other attendees. Not only are you a collection of brilliant minds, but of kind hearts and generous spirits. Thank you!”

Carol O’Connor-Cadiz (family law; IL)

“Lawyers and attorneys are educated in a way that results in the 'I know it all' mentality. But, we can't know it all. And especially not something that is so far away from our linear thinking and legal problem-solving attitude. Great Legal Marketing just works. Try it our yourself. Find new ways to focus on the right audience and your practice will flourish.”

Floris Alexander (financial law; Cyprus)

Since joining Great Legal Marketing, my income and law firm have more than tripled. I simply followed the basic steps and I started seeing results. Now I am in a great position and am trying to tweak and improve things. Great Legal Marketing continues to help me in these endeavors so I never have to recreate the wheel.”

Michele Lewane (workers’ compensation; VA)

Great ideas from a real-life lawyer who practices what he preaches.

Walter Reaves (criminal defense; TX)

“It's very simple. Do you want to grow your law firm to the point where you can have more time for yourself? Do you want to enjoy the practice of law again and not feel like you're in the "rat race?" Do you want to learn what they should have taught lawyers in law school about the business and marketing of law practice? Is that you? That was me. But not anymore. One of the best decisions I’ve made in my practice was to become a part of Great Legal Marketing.

Abe Cardenas (immigration; FL)

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