If There Was a Way to Become the #1 Small Law Firm in Your Community, Would You Want to Know About It?

Sold Out! The Great Legal Marketing Summit is at Capacity!

Summit Agenda: Take a Look at the 2016 Great Legal Marketing National Summit!

DAY ONE: Mastering Client Attraction in the Modern Economy

8:00AM -> Making the Old New Again in Your Marketing: Marketing Your Law Practice in the Modern Economy

8:20AM -> Building A Path To Your Practice: How Your Best Prospects Gather Information, Sort Through Their Options, And Make Decisions On Who To Hire (Part 1 of 2) (Ben Glass, Founder and CEO of GLM)

9:30AM -> Meet Your New Partners (30-minute Break)

10:00AM -> The Secrets of Our Most Successful Web Partners (What Do "They Do" Anyway?) (Tom Foster, Founder and CEO of Foster Web Marketing)

11:00AM -> 9 Gloves Off, Knockout Methods for Crushing Your Competition With Maximum Force (Charley Mann, Chief Marketing Officer of GLM)

12:00PM -> Lunch Break (90 Minutes)

1:30PM -> Five Types of Energy that Will Shift Your Future (Lee Milteer; Founder of Millionaire Smarts Coaching Program®)

3:00PM -> Main Room: Building a Core Values Practice (Ben Glass) // Alternate Location: Special Session with Lee Milteer for Diamond and MasterMind Members Only

4:00PM -> Building A Path To Your Practice: How Your Best Prospects Gather Information, Sort Through Their Options, And Make Decisions On Who To Hire (Part 2 of 2) (Ben Glass)

5:00PM -> “Marketing Funnels” For Relaxation, Success & Real Profit: The Actionable Secrets To Building A Healthy & Wealthy Practice By “Marketing” At Every Point Of Client Contact (Dave Frees; Estate Planning Attorney; Founder of Business Black Ops and 3 Days to Success)

6:00PM -> Dinner Break (Two Full Hours with Lots of Restaurants Nearby)

8:00PM -> “Ben After Dark” (Trade Secrets, Insider Information, And Previously Secret Concepts/Strategies Revealed) (Ben, Charley, and GLM Team Members)

DAY TWO: Find Your Path to Success!

Breakout Sessions (8 AM to Noon, each session lasting 50 minutes with 10 minutes breaks for the audience to shuffle between rooms as needed)

Session One What We Have Learned After Coaching 87 Law Firms And 128 Lawyers! (Samy Chong, 4 Lawyers Only) How to Put Your Marketing on Autopilot (and Steal Ben’s Best Ideas) (Colin Lynch, Project Manager of GLM) “Uplevel” Your Automation: Getting the Most Out of Your Marketing Investment – Special Session for Current Infusionsoft Users (Jama Bryan, Your Marketing Team)
Session Two The Truth About Training: Creating an Elite Marketing Director and Better Employees for Your Law Practice (Charley Mann) “What Are People Saying About You?” Reputation Is Everything! How to Monitor and Control What OTHERS Are Saying About You (Zach Stone, Foster Web Marketing) Where Do I Start?! How to Turn the Firehose of Ideas Into Real, Live, Working Marketing in the Next 90 Days (Kia Arian, Zine Graphics)
Session Three Systematic Magic: Bring the Magic of Disney’s Guest Service to Your Practice (Vance Morris, Deliver Service Now Institute) “What Are You Saying About Yourself?” Reputation Is Everything! How to Monitor and Control What YOUR WEBSITE is Saying About You (Jamie Kelly, Foster Web Marketing) The Fastest Path to Quick Wins: Building Marketing Campaigns Quicker, Better, and Stronger Than Ever Before w/ LIVE Demonstration (Charley Mann)
Session Four How To Be The Best Manager You Can Be... And Make Your Team Twice As Productive (Jay Henderson, Real Talent Hiring) Clone Your Favorite Clients: The Ultimate System for Tripling Referrals (Shaun Buck, The Newsletter Pro) Marketing Ideas to Impress the Boss: Special Session for Marketing and Support Staff (Charley Mann and Colin Lynch)

12:00PM -> Lunch Break (90 Minutes)

1:30PM -> 2016 Marketer of the Year: The One and Only $10,000 Attorney Marketing Competition!

3:00PM -> Last Chance to Meet with Vendors (Break for 20 Minutes)

3:20PM -> Announcement of the $10,000 Winner!

3:30PM -> Where in the World is GLM? Exclusive Panel Discussion with GLM Members from Around the World! (Ben Glass and Panel Members)

4:45PM -> Closing the Loop: 15 Essential Minutes About Getting It All Done After Leaving the Summit (Ben Glass)

Breakthrough Referral Tactics, Brand New Marketing Developments, and Cutting-Edge Lead Capture Opportunities Make Your Law Practice More Profitable (and More Fun!) Than Ever Before...

In the last three years, we have witnessed the ascent of LegalZoom, Avvo, Nolo, Rocket Lawyer, and countless other players in our industry...

These companies have aimed to underprice, devalue, and otherwise muddy the waters of the legal services we offer.

All the while, our competitors are finally starting to open their eyes (and their wallets) to the world of marketing. New lawyer websites pop up every day. More and more traffic attorneys are mailing letters to lists of people who were pulled over. Personal injury attorneys are climbing over each other to get clients in the door with absurd levels of spending on pay-per-click Google marketing.

Yet there is a gaping void that most attorneys miss...

It is a problem within their operational DNA.

Most attorneys fail to grasp that in a world where marketing is increasingly democratized via the Internet and quick access to fresh lists of potential clients, the king of the marketplace is NOT the one willing to spend the most money. The king will be the attorney who understands how to make the most out of Every. Single. Lead.

Would you like to know EXACTLY HOW TO BE KING? Then I have good news for you...

Is it Still Possible for a Small Firm to Carve Out and Dominate a Profitable Portion of its Market?

You would think that in a world with LegalZoom, estate planning attorneys would be quivering in their seats. Suddenly, anyone with an Internet connection can grab a simple will template online to fill out and sign.

Every one of the above attorneys and hundreds of their peers have accomplished what many have increasingly dismissed as “near impossible” – building a thriving, highly profitable SMALL law practice in a time when it feels like the 800-pound Gorillas are dominating.

Leap Far Past Your Competitors and Never Look Back!

Does it frustrate or even infuriate you whenever you see one of your competitors get a case or client you know would have been perfect for your practice? It should make you feel that way! However, you shouldn’t just be angry. If you simply shake your fist in the air and cry foul, you are doing no good for yourself or for the people in your community who need you. Instead, allow the perceived “slight” to fuel you into never allowing such a thing to happen again. KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are the perfect attorney for the right clients, and do everything in your power to ensure those clients sign with you..

How can you make this happen? We will show you in unprecedented detail HOW TO...

Go where you competitors can’t or won’t!

I am regularly shocked by the number of times I hear attorneys – perfectly intelligent and capable people – tell me, “It can’t be done that way,” when I show them my marketing. They do this in spite of the data – raw numbers facing them down. All the better for me when they exist in my own backyard. More clients for BenGlassLaw, right?

That attitude is pervasive in our profession. I suppose it is the easier way out, even if it is cowardly. Your competitors think this way. There may even be a small part of you that feels the same. If you can stop that thinking, you will most certainly leave your competitors doing a whole lot of talking and not a lot of succeeding – that will all be left to you! Most attorneys will scoff, head held high with eyes staring down their noses, at the notion of “follow-up marketing.” The whole concept of continually providing fresh, relevant information to someone who has voluntarily (no strong arming here!) raised his or her hand to request some help in the form of a free report, video series, CD set, book, pamphlet, etc., is anathema to how it “should” be done.

Your opportunities are boundless, and you will see how to IDENTIFY AND CONQUER each one with a complete blueprint during this year’s Summit.

Get clients committed to YOU before they ever step foot in your office!

By the time a potential client meets with me, he or she has been exposed to videos, books, reports, articles, and more featuring yours truly. This is entirely by design. I want to get the “selling” out of the way long before a client shows up in my office.

Would you like to STOP SELLING?

You can do it – you can get rid of that nagging concern in your head every time you meet with a client. You won’t need to worry about whether or not the sale is going to happen. The work you will have put in BEFORE the appointment will enable you to “close” every client you want for your practice. There are step-by-step processes you can take to create the same effect in your practice.

Turn past clients into future revenue through more referrals than ever before!

You should be systematically getting referrals from current and past clients on a regular basis. Don’t you agree? With all the hard work you do for clients, it would be nice if more of them sent referrals your way...

Well, the phrase “it would be nice” isn’t going to cut it. The truth is your clients are only going to refer new clients to you if they know...

A) What Cases You Accept
B) How to Refer Cases, and
C) Whether They Can They Trust That You Will Live up to Their Promises

Without your current and past clients knowing all of the above, there is significantly less hope for referrals – which frankly sucks, because referrals are on average 14% more valuable to your practice (not counting the additional money you saved in not needing to spend more on traditional advertising).

There are specific, easy-to-use strategies perfectly capable of doubling the number of referrals you receive (or getting the faucet flowing if you’re not receiving any yet). Not only will you see exactly what those are at the Summit, there will be vendors and resources available there to help you get started right away!

Never again slash your prices, change the deal, or be forced into a financial disadvantage!

You should never, ever, ever need to bow to pressure to change your economics. However, attorneys are nearly notorious these days for slashing what they charge thanks to price-cutting pressure from online services and other attorneys. If you find yourself trimming the value of your services, then you should be First in Line to be part of the Summit. One of the number one advantages to the methods you will discover is that you can double, triple, or even quadruple your prices and find yourself making more money than ever before!

It may seem scary at first, but you will see how to build marketing funnels that establish you as an authority in your field. By building trust with the potential clients and increasing your authority, you can ELIMINATE PRICE RESISTANCE FOR GOOD.

In the world of DUI attorneys, prices are being driven lower and lower (and it’s not being helped by the glut of young attorneys entering the legal field who are willing to slash their prices – never mind the fact that those very same young attorneys are trapping themselves into a lifetime of mediocrity; but law school was never going to teach you about economics and running a business; was it?). However, Traffic/DUI attorneys like Bob Battle of Richmond, Virginia, continue to report increasing numbers of new clients and income every year, even in economically depressed areas. You can’t even see Bob for your DUI case unless you prepay $400, but he never lacks for new clients, thanks to his clever and effective marketing.

What Will Actually Happen in October?

“Think of this year’s Summit as two events packed into one...”

You have a busy schedule. Clients need you, staff needs you, your family needs you. We want to get the absolute most out of the time you spend away from your practice and home.

Let me show you how to “Open the Funnel” for you to receive more leads than ever before! Every bit of the process will be revealed.

During Day One, we will explore the foundational nature of a marketing funnel – what it is, why you need them, and how they operate – and rapidly build the architecture needed for any law practice to EXPERIENCE SIX-FIGURE GROWTH in the coming year.

Imagine learning firsthand from attorneys just like you who have “been there, done that” and decided to come and share with you everything that made them successful. Okay, stop imagining. That is what is going to happen!

You and your fellow attendees will walk away with a set of fully mapped out marketing campaigns.We are sending you home with ready-to-deploy, ready-to-make-you-money marketing tactics. You simply can’t miss scoring big wins in getting new clients after discovering what we have to show you.

In addition, you will gain a COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING of how to construct brand new funnels for any marketing you create in the future. Your newfound knowledge can be used to finally construct a marketing system that feels like it is truly under your control.Plus, no marketing account executive will be able to confound you with double- or even triple-speak about their products, because you’ll be tapped into the truth about how effective marketing really works.

On Day Two, you will engage in a “choose-your-own-adventure” opportunity during our special Breakout Sessions. With multiple speakers on separate stages, you can select from a wide variety of topics you want to learn more about. This gives us the chance to provide you with extensive information on marketing’s, mindset’s, and management’s most important issues – and you get to choose what you need most at that moment!

During the afternoon, prepare yourself for a bloodthirsty, no-holds-barred competition between fellow attorneys who want nothing more than to walk away as the crowned champion of GLM’s Marketer of the Year event!

Why would you want to view such a spectacle?

2015 Marketer of the Year

There will be four small firm attorneys just like you revealing why they deserve to be the Marketer of the Year – that means revealing the battle plans they concocted to achieve tremendous success to everyone in the audience!

In the past, we have learned how John Fisher gets multi-million dollar cases referred to him on a regular basis in the medical malpractice world. Angela McIlveen showed off what took her husband-and-wife family law firm to $1.6 million in annual revenue. Tim Semelroth added the Social Security Disability practice area to his law firm in 2012 and created explosive growth worth nearly $1 million to his already thriving personal injury and workers’ compensation practice areas.

It’s not just the “big guys” who are showing off. For every Semelroth, there’s an Alfonso Gambone.

Alfonso is a solo practitioner handling criminal defense cases who shared how he has built his rapidly growing practice (over 25% growth last year) after spending time in the Army, including serving in the Middle East as the lead military prosecutor for the division’s First Brigade Combat Team in Baghdad’s western district.

Would you like to see such valuable strategies and tactics shown to you by attorneys who are tackling the exact problems you may be having right now? There is no way to place a simple dollar value on this kind of information; it is a priceless opportunity giving you insight into the minds of attorneys achieving exactly what you want for your life and practice.

Your 10X Guarantee on the Event!

Honestly, whatever excuses that may have existed up to this point are about to be made moot. This year, we are backing up our two-day Summit with a guarantee that is unheard of in our world. You will be able to attend this event with ZERO concern...

Our 10X Guarantee

Here’s the deal for you: If you don’t find marketing strategies, campaigns, or opportunities while at the Summit worth at least 10 times what you paid for the event, we will refund the entire cost of your ticket, PLUS give you $500 toward documented travel expenses.

I’m telling you point blank that this event is GUARANTEED to be worth 10X what you paid to attend. I’m not blinking or backing down.

You can clearly see that there is no doubt in my mind that this is the place you should be on October 21-22, 2016.

You belong in the one place where attorneys like you have gathered year after year to build success through incredible marketing and better managing of their practices.

Now, your experience is GUARANTEED. No legal association is willing to back up their boring, outdated conferences, because they can’t deliver what we have in store for you...

Details: Where You Need to be, When You Need to be There, and Who Will be Joining You

The Dates: October 21-22, 2016 Expect Two Action Packed Days!

Everything kicks off bright and early on the 21st and goes until 5 p.m. on the 22nd – don’t skip out early; plan to travel back on the 23rd, if possible, and spend the night developing your action plan for when you get back in the office.

Where is the Event?

Bring the family to enjoy the sights and sounds of DC during the height of election season!

The Summit is held at the Renaissance Capital View Hotel in Arlington, Virginia (2800 S Potomac Ave, Arlington, VA 22202). You can get to the event location with ease by flying into Reagan National Airport – located mere minutes from the hotel. Shuttle buses are available from the airport to the hotel and back. Additionally, cabs and Uber are available in the area.

Enjoy a nice dinner the night before the event! We recommend that all attendees fly in the day before the event so you don’t miss any of the action on Friday. You’ll find plenty of quality dining options in the area, including the hotel’s own restaurant.

Quick Side Note:

We are impressed, year after year, with the attorneys who come to the Summit. They come ready to learn, fully engaged in the act of becoming better – more than they were when they arrived.

Our attendees represent our members, our fans, even our friends (it happens when you see them for six years running!).

The quality of the people who show up is a reflection of the quality of the event. And that relationship works the same vice versa. YOU ALL, our attendees, keep us itching to deliver something greater every, single year. I thank all of you for your feedback, your kind words (many of which are featured on the bottom of this site), and your loyalty over many years.

To the ones I will be meeting for the first time, I can’t wait to meet you and hear your story.


Ben Glass

The hotel is also just four miles from the White House, and it’s easy to head into D.C. to enjoy some time in the nation’s capital. Many past attendees of the Summit have brought family members with them (mom or dad works hard on learning how to better market their practice while the rest of the family has fun at the museums!).

Who Else Will be There?

The Summit is your chance to see old friends and/or make some new ones! Attendees coming back for their second, third, even fifth Summit can enjoy getting updates from attorneys they’ve met in the past. Additionally, you’ll meet attorneys from across the country (even around the world) who share your interest in improving their lives by improving their law practices. There’s a maximum cutoff of 190 law firms represented this year.

Our attendees are usually from small law firms with 1-5 attorneys. There are solo practitioners with little or no staff. along with multi-attorney firms featuring 20+ staff members. They represent all of the major “consumer” practice areas: personal injury, bankruptcy, criminal defense, immigration, estate planning, medical malpractice, disability, probate and more.

The common thread among attendees is simply their entrepreneurial passion to succeed.

Our attendees and sponsors regularly tell us that this event has a positive attitude and atmosphere unlike any other event out there. It’s what keeps them coming back year after year.

There’s plenty of time to network with attorneys in your state and to talk with others about the challenges and opportunities you have in front of you. We take great pride in attracting the most open and generous group of small firm attorneys you’ll ever meet.

Who Will Help You Grow Your Practice?

Lee Milteer, Our Magnificient and Motivational Keynote Speaker

Lee Milteer

It would be near impossible to list all of Lee's accomplishments in this space, so I'll link to her full bio here.

What you need to know about Lee is that she is going to unpack your mental makeup and reassemble it into its best state ever. This is an essential part of the Summit experience. We are there to help you your mind as much as your marketing.

Audiences regularly walk away after hearing Lee with a brand new energy and outlook on success. You'll feel revved up and ready to take control of your life after witnessing what Lee has in store for you!

Shaun Buck, Master of Referrals

Shaun Buck

Want more referrals? Shaun helps professionals like you keep a steady stream of referrals coming from current and past clients. The best part is that Shaun wants to SHOW YOU how it's done in a fun but authoritative way at the Summit!

With a newsletter done-for-you service that rocketed onto the Inc. 500 (two years running now!), Shaun is our trusted resource for drawing the most referrals from your list of past clients as possible.

Jay Henderson, Team Performance Wizard Extraordinaire

Jay Henderson

Before hiring anyone for BenGlassLaw or Great Legal Marketing, they go through Jay's hiring profile. It is MUST for us. We've saved countless headaches and tens of thousands of dollars (at minimum) by working with Jay.

This year, Jay is focusing on the "after the hire" part of an employee's journey. He'll share insights into efficiently increasing the performance of your employees - making you more money with less effort on your part!

Vance Morris, King of Client Experience

Vance Morris

Want clients to be blown away by the experience they have with you? Basically, are you interested in raving fans who will eagerly recommend your services to others? I'm hoping the answer is yes...

Vance is the KING of changing the way a business handles client experience, and he is eager to show YOU how to do it in your practice to WOW your clients.

Where does this expertise come from? Vance designed, opened, and operated Chef Mickey's, the flagship "character dining experience" at Walt Disney World, a place well-known for its high standards and amazing experiences.

Tom Foster, Top Online Marketing Expert

Tom Foster

Tom has been a long-time secret weapon behind the success of Ben's own law practice, BenGlassLaw. After all, he is the man who developed the website we use to this day to attract new clients.

This year, Tom is serving up something special for attendees...

Tom is going to show you three actual, functioning marketing plans used by his own clients to boost their rankings and capture countless more prospects and paying clients than ever before. This is real, practical information for attorneys who interested in either "Do It Yourself" strategies or want insight on how to work with any web marketing company to get maximum results.

Samy Chong, Mind-Shaper

Samy Chong

Let me be clear: Success is IMPOSSIBLE if you allow negative forces to control you. Far too few professionals spend time focusing on the mental challenges of running a business and get lost in simply providing their service.

Samy will show you how to remove the negativity and prosper. It should be fun to run your practice, and you'll finally feel free to enjoy yourself again. Samy has worked with GLM MasterMind members to keep them philosophically on track to success - a key component on any entrepreneur's journey.

Kia Arian, Implementation Master

Kia Arian

Ever feel like overwhelmed or like you're spinning your wheels? Wish you had some practical advice from someone who has "been there, done that" with even the most complex marketing ideas?

Kia is the graphic designer behind nearly all of the marketing for BenGlassLaw and a number of other GLM members' practices. She will show you how to take everything you're learning at the Summit and turn it into real, live, functioning marketing. This is an opportunity to learn from someone who has worked directly with Ben Glass (strange stories may be told!).

Jama Bryan, Automation Expert

Jama Bryan

Jama was ahead of the curve in the world of virtual assistants, starting her career in 1996 - the Internet's toddler years.

Over the last 20 years, she has grown from a one-woman operation to a 25+ person company assisting business owners in many fields. While she'd be qualified to talk about all sorts of subjects, we've asked Jama to show off Advanced Automation Opportunities for law practices. In particular, Jama will discuss automation using Infusionsoft, our preferred program for automating marketing.

Colin Lynch, Mr. Systems

Colin Lynch

As GLM's Project Manager, Colin is the conductor who keeps the train on time. His natural ability to identify opportunities to develop systems that are practical and profitable has paid off for members who heed his advice.

Colin will give you a behind-the-scenes look at how the marketing of BenGlassLaw functions. You'll see the complete follow-up sequence we use to capture prospects and convert them into clients. This is a $10,000 session that can't be missed!

Indecision and Procrastination are the Enemies of Success; ACTION its Best Friend

You are the only one who can make this choice. I have made my case, and I know that we will have a packed room. I also know that the people there will be better prepared for a lifetime of success than those who choose to sit on their thumbs at home.

I’ve even made the travel easy for you, with the hotel mere minutes from Reagan National Airport. The hotel accommodations themselves are exceptional, and it is magnificently convenient to get from the airport to the location.

Despite all my efforts, I can’t force your hand. I can’t sign the form, and I can’t require you to make the right choice.

Ultimately, I want people in the room who are serious about taking the next step with our help. The rewards are there for those who take action (including a special free bonus available to you).

Success won’t go out of its way to take root in your life. It is attracted to the action-takers.

You have an opportunity to invest in yourself and your future like you did when you first decided to become an attorney or when you opened your firm.

Don’t leave yourself behind. You can pull the trigger today.

What will it feel like to share your success with your family, your friends, and your community?

Imagine what it would be like to have your local legal community looking up to you as someone to emulate. You’ll bring a lot more hope to a profession that deserves exactly that these days.

You can silence the doubters.

You will change the lives of the people around you.

We’re down to “it.” Decision Time. Your registration form is waiting on you.

I look forward to congratulating you in person on your smart decision.

Committed to Your Success,

Ben Glass

Owner and CEO, Great Legal Marketing

P.S. There is a series of escalating price deadlines for this event. If you wait, you risk your best possible savings to the specter of procrastination. Check the order form for the current discount.

P.P.S. This event WILL sell out. We have sold out all of our events at the Renaissance hotel. This is a well-established pattern. By the way, our membership numbers in the heavy hundreds, and members are the first ones to snatch up spaces at this event (at a significant discount, for that matter – you can benefit from a discount by starting your own membership through GLMtestdrive.com).

P.P.P.S. Do some math. If you were to take away just one big idea from the Summit and apply it to your law practice, you could earn thousands of dollars in new profit that you could use to pay down your mortgage, go on your dream vacation, add to your kids’ 529 college savings plans, or reinvest in your business to double down and generate even more income.

These two days will seem like no time at all when you look back and realize what a smart investment this was in your future. You’ll be telling the story of success we so often hear, “It all came together when I attended the Great Legal Marketing Summit…”

What Last Year’s Attendees Said...

GLM has revolutionized the way I approach marketing. The information is invaluable! The event itself is great because I was able to make a couple of new connections and really feel like a part of the GLM community.”

I feel that the entire weekend was extremely informative and motivating, and I really appreciate the community of people who are truly open to sharing and helping each other. As far as the event itself, it was exceptionally planned and executed, and I felt like our time away from the office and our families was time well spent.”

I am confident I got something out of every presentation I attended and look forward to coming back next year.”

“I took tons of notes & was captivated the entire time. I met lots of great attorneys. By far, the BEST legal-related seminar I've ever attended!

It is just what the doctor ordered and brought together a method of figuring out marketing. And Ben is right - it ain't rocket science.”

All lawyers need to hear this message and learn how to market correctly - and raise the perception of lawyers in the community.”

“I attended the 2015 Summit. It was really well run and provided a huge amount of practical and understandable marketing information that DID NOT require you to buy other more expensive products to actually implement. Those products were offered and available in a low-key manner, but not required to use the information given. I will have only myself to blame if I don't improve my business. Ben and his team have provided me with the information. The rest is up to me.”

“I enjoy being around attorneys that are positive and truly trying to make a difference in their lives and in their communities.

“This was a really, really well run two days that had a ton of PRACTICAL and actionable information.

“There is nothing better than being surrounded by motivated, positive people.”

“Since 2009, GLM has been able to cut through the bull and made me a better business owner than if I did not have them all these years.”

“This year was my first Great Legal Marketing Summit. I learned so many good methods of marketing and can't wait to begin implementing those changes. You have created a community of other positive, motivated attorneys eager to help each other be the best they can be. I don't know of anywhere else this kind of experience exists for lawyers. I am already eager for next year's Summit.”

“Just got back from the 2015 GLM Summit. Haven't been to it in about 4 years -- very happy I went. Tons of notes and to dos and I met some great lawyers that I'm going to be in touch with over the next year. If you have a chance, go to it. If you don't have a chance, make your own chance and go to it. You'll be challenged, inspired, and motivated. Thanks, Ben and Charley, for putting it on.”

Great Legal Marketing has changed my opinion about my profession. Generally, I find that most attorneys are so stressed surviving, that they're not very happy. Ben Glass and the team at Great Legal Marketing has another vision as to what is possible for our profession. By us deciding what we enjoy doing and then finding ways to attract the ideal clients, we eliminate so much stress in our lives. Hanging around positive, like-minded attorneys is worth the price of admission.”

“This was my second year attending the Summit, and I'm already registered for next year. I've found the Summit to be well organized, and full of presentations that I can immediately apply to my business (Personal Injury and Criminal Defense law practice). I'd highly recommend the Summit to any lawyer who is interested in ethical, creative, effective, and cost-efficient marketing.

“I have been involved with Ben and GLM since 2007. I continue to go back to the seminars, and even brought 2 new associates this year, because I constantly learn new things and am inspired to actually implement what I have learned. If you want to improve your practice, go to the next GLM seminar.”