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(Instead of spending your days putting out fires, working 12+ hours, and wondering if you’ll be able to get the number of clients you need to pay the bills...)

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Dear Fellow Attorney,

Great Legal Marketing’s National Summit has served as “the place to be” every year for hundreds of attorneys and their staff members. This year’s event is officially UPGRADED to include three full days of information and interaction, along with brand new speakers and a special focus on Practice Development (AKA everything it takes to build your current practice into a system that supports your desired lifestyle while better serving more clients than ever before)

Building a law firm should serve two purposes: 1) to serve people in your community and 2) to serve your interests, both personal and professional.

Yet, most attorneys will never reach the second purpose. For all the good work they do, they make no room for themselves to succeed.

And even if you try to succeed – if you actively target financial gain and a better lifestyle – others shout you down for being “greedy” or “not professional.” Those shouts often come from other attorneys, driving by in a Mercedes and on their way home to a $1.5 million home. It’s easy and beneficial for them to shout you down when they are already wealthy. After all, if you listen to this “wisdom,” you won’t grow and threaten what they’ve built.

Or, attorneys shout you down who prefer you stay at their level, rather than build something meaningful for yourself and your community.

You have my permission to ignore the detractors. Shut out the voices of people who continue to live in a world that no longer exists.

Forget about the forces that would hold you back from DEVELOPING a practice that is under your controland meets the needs of today’s legal consumer. Learn how to systematically take back control of your practice and yourself...

The Four Stages of Control to Creating the Practice You Want and Deserve

Your world is filled with forces trying to control you. You receive a barrage of messages demanding your attention every day. From the media warning you about the next disease scare to employees who fear anything other than the status quo. If you were to try and catalog them all, you would fill multiple legal pads every day.

Fortunately, your brain’s wiring saves you from this problem. It tunes out the messages that are unimportant to you. The messages become background noise.

Much of the time, however, our brains move us toward the path of least resistance. You tune out legitimate problems, ignoring them and failing to hear their solutions – until it is too late.

You tune out the concerns of family and friends who see you as overworked and stressed out. Letting in those concerns might cripple your mind, so they are pushed to the side. You plough forward, saying, “Don’t worry, I’ve got it all under control. Let me just get through this tough period, then we’ll take a vacation.” Meanwhile, you’re permitting staff to let in bad clients, allowing clients to monopolize your time, and failing to serve your good clients as they deserve to be served.

There is good news. This effect your brain has in narrowing your “sensory intake” is alterable to fit your desires. It can be hijacked to push you in a positive direction. It requires the First Stage of Control: Self-control. You first need to take control of yourself. Exert your will and reclaim your mind and body.

Stage One: Control of Self

Attorneys rarely discuss the state of their minds – referred to by many as “Mindset.” Yet, this is your most valuable resource. But can you say that your mind is operating in its greatest capacity?

Are you open to new, positive experiences versus always playing the skeptic?

Cal Newport, in his book Deep Work, says there are two core abilities necessary for thriving in the new economy: 1) the ability to quickly master new skills and ideas; and 2) the ability to produce at an elite level in both quality and speed. Will your current practice allow you to thrive in the coming years?

This is about looking at an obstacle and seeing opportunity. It’s about conditioning your mind to search for solutions while others about problems. You have to grab the reins.

There should be no embarrassment if it feels like you don’t control yourself the way you once did. Running a law practice ISN’T EASY. It is more complex than ever before. And there are pressures put on you many will never understand.

The Great Legal Marketing Summit is the One Place where you will rub shoulders with other attorneys who do understand. From what you hear on the stage to the people you talk with in the halls, you will find inspiration, motivation, and real-life, executable ideas. You can slow down the pressures of the world and re-assert your dominance.

The second realm of control is the Service You Provide.

Stage Two: Control of Service

Your legal service(s) should be under your CONTROL. But it’s not about the final product alone. You are a good attorney and the results you achieve reflect the control you have in that process. But there’s more. Clients who refer to you do so not only because of the result. (In fact, they expected that.) They refer because of the way you and your team made the feel through the process.

Have you checked how your phones are being answered? Incredibly, the majority of law firm owners still permit their phones to be answered by someone saying, “Law firm.” Nothing else. Just those two words. This is NOT what today’s consumer expects when they call any business. (Can you imagine the FedEx phone being answered “package delivery?”)

Are your clients receiving expected communications about their cases before they ask for it? The best method I have found to keep clients happy is a “status call.” It allows your team to pre-emptively address concerns.

Too many practices, however, wait until a client calls complaining that he or she hasn’t heard any updates recently. Then, and only then, does the client receive an update. You won’t receive many referrals to your practice with that kind of service.

Many of my Mastermind members report up to 75% of their practice revenue coming from referrals. No surprise, considering they are more focused on control of their product than all others.

Decide today to take control of your SERVICE and how your clients feel, and you will find that it pays massive dividends. Customer service is a vastly underrated tool for wealth-building. Just using word “customer” sends some attorneys running away in shock.

Stage Three: Control of Relationships

Attorneys have many relationships: networks of other attorneys, various subject matter experts, staff/employees, referral sources, and clients (current and past).

This doesn’t include friends or family, of course.

There are a lot of relationships to manage in your life. The work that goes into making sure those relationships remain strong isn’t always easy. When you master control of this arena, you position yourself for sustainable success.

Attorneys have many relationships: networks of other attorneys, various subject matter experts, staff/employees, referral sources, and clients (current and past).

This doesn’t include friends or family, of course.

There are a lot of relationships to manage in your life. The work that goes into making sure those relationships remain strong isn’t always easy. When you master control of this arena, you position yourself for sustainable success.

Every part of your practice operates through a relationship. The marketing you do seeks to build a relationship with potential clients. Referrals come from clients, attorneys, and other sources who have a positive relationship with you – not just from the good work you do. Your team operates best when the relationships are at their strongest.

The development of better relationships is best done as a SYSTEM.

This idea runs against much of what we’re taught. After all, systems seem impersonal, while relationships are personal.

Here’s my radical idea: by building a system to nurture relationships, you can improve them and build more of them faster.

What sort of systems can you build for nurturing your relationships?

  • Send a monthly, mailed newsletter to current and past clients, along with any community members who could refer clients. My Mastermind members are all sending a MAILED, monthly newsletter. It features content related to their practices, but the vast majority of it focuses on content that isn’t just self-promotion. Recipes, stories about family, client stories, and community events are all important elements. It builds and reinforces the relationship.

  • Develop a list of “super referral sources” – the people, often other attorneys, who regularly refer clients to you. Then, make sure these folks receive a treat worth talking about from you on a regular basis. Great Legal Marketing members who master this process receive the most referrals. They are also unafraid to spend money on building and nurturing such a list. Top members of GLM will share exactly how they’ve grown this list and turned it into a steady stream of new clients at this year’s Summit. It’s not only a profitable element in building a successful practice, but also one that places you as a center of influence in your community.

  • Team development encompasses many systems, ranging from your initial training for new employees to evaluating your team. Hiring is already a hard enough process for most attorneys. Add “evaluations” and assessments on top of that, and you feel like taking cover under the nearest desk. Too much of team development is reliant on corporate-feeling “human resources” solutions. You law practice is smaller, and there’s not a bureaucracy separating you from the team. You need a system that allows you to fairly and regularly take stock of the strengths and weaknesses of your employees. Otherwise, you’ll end up losing control of your office. Fortunately, this critical base is covered for you at the Summit. You’ll receive real-world advice from real, practicing attorneys running firms ranging from 5 to 25 employees.

Stage Four: Control of Systems

Even a high-end vehicle breaks down when systems are not monitored and maintained properly.

The idea of a system is too often misconstrued as “set it and forget it.” No wonder most systems fail! Like a family car that doesn’t get regular maintenance, a law practice that operates with unmaintained systems WILL break down.

Multi-million dollar practices crumble under the weight of unregulated processes. Good attorneys lose their license when case processing directions are not followed or are even flagrantly ignored.

Developing systems is the easy part.

I would very much like to show you many, many incredible systems – worth literally tens of millions of dollars after being implemented in so many other law firms – designed for use in marketing and managing law practices at this year’s Summit.

Maintaining your systems is critical.They free you up to do your highest value work: deep thinking about how to achieve the results your clients want.

You would benefit tremendously from learning how other practicing attorneys make it happen. That’s why you’ll find actual members at the Summit sharing their ideas and strategies for you to “steal” and use in your practice.

How to UNLOCK the Connection Between Money and Getting Great Employees

(How to Build a Team that Separates You from the Grind of Daily Operations)

Often when talking with members of Great Legal Marketing, the discussion turns toward problems with employees. The statement, uttered with a tone of frustration ringing through loud and clear, usually sounds something like this: "He just doesn't seem motivated. I'm paying him over the average market salary and gave him a raise recently."

You might be ASTONISHED by how much some attorneys pay underperforming team members. I was once told by attorney that he was paying a marketing director $90,000 in salary - and he KNEW she wasn't worth half that amount of money! There is a persistent myth among practice owners that you can simply buy talent. It just isn't that simple.

The problem is three-fold...

One, without knowing what actually motivates people, you resort to the easy metric of "dollars paid." (When most employees have less expensive interests!)

Two, even when there are clear problems, there is a reticence to get rid of the problem employee. (A problem that cost one past member $1,000,000 and a bar investigation!)

And three, there are issues with the way many attorneys HIRE new employees.

Would it shock you to learn that a personal injury attorney in South Carolina gave a top-performing employee an office with a view rather than a massive raise to keep her around? The only thing it cost him was shifting around a few desks.

The number one, most effective incentive offered by GLM members to employees is NOT financial. As a matter of fact, its “face value” is lower than the money you may offer. And the actual offer is just one of many new hiring and retention tactics you will learn at the Summit...

You don’t need to pay people as much as you do. Now, I would advocate paying as much as is reasonable. But most superstar employees want your trust and the autonomy to do their job over an extra $2,000 per year.

By better delegating tasks and providing a supportive work environment, you can accomplish two things...

  1. Attract and retain employees who are loyal, trustworthy, and ambitious.
  2. Finally get tasks off your plate that should be done by the appropriate employee, instead of taking up your time with low-value work.

In the world of stage productions – plays and musicals – the best directors will tell you 80% of their work is done in selecting the cast. There’s only so much you can change about a performer, so they put a lot of effort in selecting the best fit.

Many times, the Best Fit isn’t the most talented. They want an actor who shows up on time, who gets their lines memorized on time, and who will have strong chemistry with the rest of the cast.

What would happen if you started thinking about hiring employees the same way?

Hiring one bad employee can cause lasting damage to your practice. It can impede your progress and create unnecessary drama, leading to conflict within your team. These problems compound. You end up stressed out and wondering why things aren’t getting done in your office.

Suddenly, you’re chained to your desk, picking up the slack.

(If this is you right now, DO NOT MISS THIS EVENT. Your time on this world is limited and precious. Don’t spend it cleaning up after people who are uninterested in doing their job well. I will show you how to build a supportive team. My team at my own law firm works hard and ensures that I am home everyday for dinner with my family.)

Due to its great importance, HIRING TACTICS and Building a Team Designed to Produce Results is featured in great detail over the three days of the Summit. This includes special sessions from actual Great Legal Marketing members. They will show you how to get the right employees for the right price.

These skills are crucial to growing your practice, even if you plan on only hiring one or two new people in the coming years.

  1. You will finally know how to find better candidates, how to vet those candidates, and how to ensure that they are productive as soon as possible.
  2. You will find out WHAT EMPLOYEE(S) to hire first – a question I know many attorneys have. You will get this information from other attorneys who run law practices. Their practical experience could be worth thousands of dollars or more to you by preventing one bad hire.

Diagnosing Problems in Law Practices is NOT for the Weak-Willed or Meek

You won’t find men and women running successful practices who spend much of their time fretting and backing down.

Instead, the most successful members of Great Legal Marketing tend to embrace the challenges. And yes, there are many challenges in running a law firm – with the responsibility for handling them falling to YOU above all others.

It is fair to say that attending this event means acknowledging your need for help. No shame in it. I attend a handful of events every year to keep my mind in tip-top shape. I know the travel isn’t always easy, but every time I make the trip, I walk away thinking “I’m very glad I went and learned.”

During the Summit, expect your practice’s deficits and growth gaps to be exposed and possibly prodded. No, I’m not going to publicly shame you. But you may squirm in your seat at times, feeling like one of our speakers is talking directly to you. That’s a good feeling. It means that you know there is a problem to fix. Once acknowledged, the fixing can begin.

OF GREAT IMPORTANCE: For every problem exposed, you will receive the plans at the Summit to correct these errors and turn them into STRENGTHS and PROFIT. Every gap closed is an opportunity to suddenly increase revenue, build a more efficient firm, and add new clients to your practice.

Who Will Inspire You to Action?

You don’t want to spend time away from home and the office only to hear from a group of random “pay-to-play” speakers. I understand. That’s why our stage is a PROTECTED one. We always vet our speakers and have turned away many possible presenters in the past. You deserve to hear from people with real world experience and actual information to share. While we continue to add to the program, there is already a lineup forming filled with immense value for you.

1.   Ben Glass (Founder, Great Legal Marketing) → Yours truly. I’m truly excited this year to go over a subject near and dear to my heart: Building a Practice that Runs Itself – Creating Time to Do What You Want.

Many, many years ago, I made the decision to make my practice serve my interests first. My growing family deserved more of my time and attention. That need only grew further after my wife, Sandi, and I decided to adopt four children from China, two of whom have fairly serious social and psychological issues. Our call to serve meant no late nights or weekends at the office ever again.

Ben has mastered the art of creating a practice that serves him and his family.

I quickly learned that when you make a choice and follow through on its execution relentlessly, the world bends to your will.

When I decided to create an AUTONOMOUS LAW PRACTICE, there was a lot of work to do. No more unplanned, inbound phone calls. Team members needed to master their jobs. And I had to whole-heartedly commit to getting out of the office on time.

Fortunately, I’ve dealt with all the problems and now have the solutions available for you. You will see EXACTLY how to build a law firm that runs on reliable systems, allowing you to focus on your highest-value tasks.

Today, I strategize on the top 3-5 cases in the office and work on creating new marketing to keep clients coming through the doors. You won’t find me changing the toner on a printer or personally requesting medical records. This allows me to live the life I want while serving my clients better than ever before!

2.   Charley Mann (Chief Marketing Officer, GLM) → Members of GLM can attest to Charley’s influence on the growth of their practices through his marketing acumen. He’s helped fledgling firms find their footing, in addition to pushing multi-million dollar firms into a new stage of growth.

I personally trust Charley with the marketing of my own law firm and GLM itself. He has a proven knack for PRAGMATISM in practice development and marketing.

Part of any good discussion on Practice Development is how to scale up and branch out your marketing.

Charley will show you how to rapidly build a marketing engine capable of quickly taking over a marketplace use this plan to improve your current marketing, add a new practice area, expand with a new office, or launch brand new campaigns!

3.   Angela McIlveen (Owner, McIlveen Family Law Firm) → Angela’s practice earned an incredible accolade in 2016: it was listed at #1,489 on the Inc. 5000, making it one of the fast-growing private businesses in the country!

With a plan to expand to 15 offices by 2019 in three states, there is a lot to learn from how Angela developed such a special practice. It begins with the culture she created, extends to how she hires new employees and includes how she attracts (and WOWs!) new clients.

Angela also won our Marketer of the Year contest in 2014 – voted on by attendees of the Summit. Since then, she has re-launched her website, more than doubled her number of employees, and begun the expansion into two new offices.

You will learn how exactly Angela has accomplished so much since opening the doors to her law firm in 2011, including going from zero to $1.6 million in revenue in three short years!

Angela went from zero to $1.6 million in three years.

Franchise owner, Steve Adams, is an expert at reviving floundering businesses.

4.   Steve Adams (Owner of 20+ Pet Supplies Plus franchises) → When you see other successful businesses, you must ask yourself this question: “What are they doing that I can ‘steal’ for my practice?” Once a banker, Steve is now the most successful franchise owner for Pet Supplies Plus. He became an expert as a “turnaround specialist” for floundering locations.

Steve proved adept at taking over and rebuilding the store from the way it handles marketing to how it finds and develops team members. Even with young, often teenage employees, Steve has a way of motivating them to beat all expectations.

Steve will present a special keynote address on day two of the event, featuring the lessons he has learned from his earliest days in finance to what he’s learned in his time as a franchisor.

With lessons about how to serve your clients, how to market your practice, how to motivate your team for maximum productivity, and much more, you will be WOW-ED by Steve’s experiences.

5.   Mark Breyer (Owner, Breyer Law Offices PC) → Mark's transformation as a GLM Mastermind member is remarkable. He now owns the best-run small law firm in Phoenix thanks to a keen combination of direct response and community marketing. Several years ago, Mark and his wife, Alexis, made one very bold decision (quite scary at the time) that changed the trajectory of their lives...

Usually it's only other Mastermind members who benefit from Mark's ideas behind closed doors, but he agreed this year to share how he built a personal injury law firm that thrives in a highly competitive environment. You'll be amazed by Mark's combo of hard-nosed monitoring of his return on investment and generosity toward his community.

Much of Mark's success has to do with how he hires his team members. Whether it's a new attorney or a receptionist, he and Alexis built a system to hire the right person every time. And they created incredible training systems for those employees. These systems are crucial to "scaling up" a practice.

You can't grow and provide the same quality service if you don't have a regular training pattern. Systems will fall through the cracks and employees will start freelancing how they complete tasks. Learn from Mark about how to scale up a practice by hiring the right people in the right positions.

MasterMind Member Mark Breyer will be sharing ideas that are only heard behind the closed doors of our MasterMind Meeting.

Kim is the leading expert in social media marketing that gets real dollar value results.

6.   Kim Walsh-Phillips (Owner, Elite Digital Agency) → When it comes to social media marketing, Kim is almost unrivaled. Her company, Elite Digital Agency, is nearly unrivaled in its ability to produce a quantifiable return on investment for clients. Most social media marketers will talk only of “brand building,” but Kim is concerned about getting you real, paying clients.

By combining direct response marketing and the data available through social media sites, Kim can target groups of people that fit a practice’s ideal client model.

Law firms not taking advantage of opportunities available on social media will see a whole new avenue of client attraction available to them. And those who are using social media will finally start seeing real results or creating much better results from current campaigns!

7.   David Phelps, D.D.S. (Owner, Freedom Founders) → David owned and managed a private practice dental office for over twenty-one years. While still in dental school, he began investing in real estate by joint-venturing with his father on a rental property in 1980.

After selling the property three years later, David started further down his real estate investment journey and today helps others build profitable businesses and invest in real estate to create financial freedom.

David’s experiences have taught him a great deal about handling adversity. His daughter, Jenna, dealt with suffered multiple health crises (leukemia, epilepsy, and a liver transplant at the age of 12). David chose to leave his practice to spend additional time with her, only to end up dealing with a divorce and failed sale of his practice.

With an inspirational message about building a practice that supports YOU and practical advice on building your net worth, David is exactly the person you want to learn from, no matter where you are in the life of your practice. New practice owners will “see the future” and prepare for it, while older practice owners can discover a new level of vitality and potential for what they’ve built.

Learn about handling adversity from Dr. Phelps.

Shaun Buck helps GLM members develop a close connection with current and past clients.

8.   Shaun Buck (Owner, The Newsletter Pro) → Shaun is one of the most impressive business owners I've met. His company, The Newsletter Pro, made it to #120 on the Inc. 500 just on the power of developing a done-for-you newsletter program.

Shaun is devoted to helping business and practice owners increase their referrals by nurturing their list. Plus, he is a "practice what you preach" business owner who provides fantastic customer service to his own clients - it's no surprise that more and more GLM members are choosing Shaun as their newsletter provider.

What can you learn from Shaun? Every attorney needs to know how to develop a close connection with current and past clients. They should be a reliable source of referrals. However, most attorneys fail to handle this relationship effectively. With just a few ideas from you Shaun, you could realistically double the number of referrals you receive from past clients!

EVERYONE MENTIONED ABOVE is part of a larger plan for the event. There are still new speakers being added as part of our breakout sessions on the second day, and some new ones will be part of the mainstage presentations as well. The goal is YOUR SUCCESS IN BUILDING THE PRACTICE YOU WANT.

The Great Legal Marketing National Summit

October 19th, 20th, & 21st
Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel
2800 S Potomac Ave
Arlington, VA 22202

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Planting the Seeds of Growth for a
Profitable Harvest

“You can’t reap what you don’t sow.” It’s not just agricultural fact but the truth about success.

Too often, society looks at a superstar athlete, successful entrepreneur, or celebrity actor/chef/whatever and declares him or her an “overnight success.” People call them a product of luck.

Ha! If LeBron James was “lucky,” he wouldn’t have needed to spend all those hours every single day on the basketball court to earn his Nike contract reported to be worth $1 billion over his lifetime. Just like Kobe Bryant shot thousands upon thousands of free throws to perfect his form.

Mark Cuban clearly wasn’t lucky when eating mustard and ketchup packets while slowly grinding his way toward success.

I wouldn’t call the countless hours Steve Jobs spent without sleep trying to build Apple from a company in a garage to the most valuable company in the world good fortune.

“Overnight success stories” are always started many, many years prior. Great Legal Marketing’s first event was in a tiny conference room with less than 20 attorneys in the room. Now we have hundreds attending every year!

In order to build the practice you desire, you need to have ACTIONS TO TAKE. For basketball players, the path involves on-court practice and training in the gym for hours.

For an attorney, you need the appropriate resources...

  • Marketing campaigns to deploy to attract more clients
  • Management systems to ensure quality service is provided
  • Guidance on who to hire in what position at the right time
  • Strategies for scaling up your practice and managing risk
  • And much more...

Your needs will be met in all of these areas during the Summit. There is no trove of practice development information more valuable than the one waiting for you on October 19-21.

Current Hidden Riche$
in Your Practice

Your practice – the one you own right now, in its current condition – is positioned on top of a gold mine. I guarantee it.

Every attorney has three available resources that can be used to their advantage. Deep, untapped potential. While I intend to expose all the opportunities available within these resources at the Summit, I have provided below a preview of these agents of profit...

  1. The Ignored List → Past/current clients, referral partners, or just a list of lawyers you know. These lists all radiate opportunity. Most law firms won’t do anything with these treasure troves, but the trained marketer sees gold.

    The most profitable marketing you can create is not, in fact, brand new advertisements to brand new clients. No, no, no! The most profitable opportunities are in getting MORE from the list available to you. Attorneys all talk, talk, talk about the importance of referrals. Yet, so little effort is put into the nurturing of a list of referral sources, both new and established.

    My own law firm’s long-term disability caseload tripled in a matter of twelve months by re-engaging a forgotten list. This is not done by magic or with a silver bullet. Instead, a system to build this pipeline is put in place, and I will share this very system with you at the Summit!

  2. Relationships Outside the Legal World → “Referrals only come from other attorneys and past clients.” This statement is both silly and short-sighted. Dangerously short-sighted.

    At Hofheimer Family Law, therapists provide a large piece of the referral pie every year. Estate planning attorneys across the country build wildly profitable relationships with financial advisors and accountants. Jim Dodson in Florida sees cases come in regularly through cycling groups with which he establishes connections. There are at least two, if not a half-dozen, major referral opportunities right in your community that await action on your part. Be warned: There are RIGHT ways and WRONG ways to approach and pursue these relationships. This year’s Summit will provide with the tools and guidance needed to lock in these sources for years to come!

  3. Established Expertise Not Currently Advertised → You possess information and skills unknown to the outside world. After more than a decade of advising attorneys on growing their practices, this is well-established fact.

    In nearly all cases, there lurks a hidden advantage in this wisdom. In the case of Sharon Christie, a social security disability attorney in Maryland, her advantage was a win rate significantly above the national average. However, such a great advantage for her clients would do no good in her marketing if never mentioned! What is your competitive edge, and how can you make sure potential clients know of it?

Non-Existent Boundaries Masquerading as
Obstacles in Your Path

Could you possibly charge $400 as a DUI attorney just for an initial conversation? Of course not! That’s ludicrous...right?

Bob Battle would disagree. As a DUI attorney in Virginia, Bob is the most sought after and most expensive attorney in the area.

What most don’t understand is the relationship between Bob’s high fees and his “must hire” status. While there is a group of people who would never hire Bob, there is an equally large group that will ONLY hire Bob.

There are dozens of examples of misconceptions I’ve encountered “in the wild” among attorneys. I remember one attorney telling me that he couldn’t use testimonials in his marketing in Florida. It turned out that he could; there was only a small set of rules to follow – a complete reversal!

Our profession is filled with people who say “BUT” before giving an idea a chance. “But it won’t work in my practice.” “But that sounds expensive.” “But my clients won’t like it.” “But my staff won’t do it.”

Enough already! You and the available evidence govern your decision-making. Outside detractors don’t get a say, least of all an actual vote.

Shatter your misconcep tions and discover what is POSSIBLE in your practice. Go where others are thinking “how can I use this in my practice” instead of “I can’t do this in my practice.”

And you can’t base your choices on opinions. You need numbers and facts. You need to see what other attorneys are already doing successfully. Then, you will see the immense potential that exists in your practice.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of seeing what others are achieving right now in their practices.

No More Saying “If I Could Just...”

Find out how others are doing what you want to do, from attracting scores of additional new clients every year or even month to doubling your team and increasing your reach within your market. The Summit gives you EVERYTHING you need to achieve your goals...

The REAL Reasons You Wouldn’t Attend This Event... (and Why None of the Excuses Are Real)

Every year, attendees come up to me and say:

Ben, I have been reading your stuff for years. I own a couple of your books and listened to one of your CD programs, but it just didn’t fit for me at the time.

I didn’t ‘get it’ until I came to the Great Legal Marketing Summit. Witnessing testimonies of success after success, not only from the stage, but from the conversations in the hall and hanging out with lawyers in my practice area, made the light bulb turn on. I just wish it had happened sooner.

It thrills me to hear those words out of countless new attorneys every year. But it leaves me to wonder… Why aren’t others there to experience the same thing?

We’ve heard all of the excuses, and I want to knock them off, one by one…

“It’s too expensive.”

Utter malarkey. The amount of money set to be made by any attorney willing to learn and act on the information at this event so significantly outweighs the cost of attendance that your Return on Investment could easily be tenfold in under a year.

Most lawyers need to bring in JUST ONE EXTRA CASE in order to pay off the expense of attendance.

This is an excuse that you won’t hear from those who are serious about succeeding. They weigh the investment cost versus the opportunity. This one is entirely clear-cut.

I’ve talked with past attendees who sold items on eBay, took a temporary second job, or borrowed money from whomever would lend it in order to attend our event (and the stunning thing is these people experience the most dramatic turnarounds, because they are not comfortable with their lives and aggressively pursue something better for themselves). There is no “price” excuse.

“It won’t work in my practice.”

You won’t hear that from Walter Reaves (Criminal Defense, Texas), Michele Lewane (Workers’ Comp, Virginia), John Griffith (Personal Injury, Tennessee), Corey Walker (Workers’ Comp, Iowa), Van Hardenbergh (Criminal Defense, Virginia), Jim Dodson (Personal Injury, Florida) Vaughan de Kirby (Immigration, California), Sharon Christie (Social Security Disability, Maryland), Brenda Geiger (Estate Planning, California), Chuck Roulet (Estate Planning, Minnesota), Brian Beckcom (Personal Injury, Texas), Tim Young (Maritime, Louisiana), or Meliha Perez Halpern (Personal Injury, Maryland)… JUST TO NAME A FEW.

Our strategies have worked across all kinds of practice areas and across the country – even overseas in Ireland, Australia, Russia, Israel, and New Zealand. We have information that is simply essential to improving your ability to attract new clients. And thanks to the mixed audience we attract, we make sure that everything we present can be “translated” into different practice areas.

“This is too good to be true.”

The truth? You don’t become successful just by attending this event.

Our attendees who achieve success will go home with an action plan and IMPLEMENT. I won’t beat around the bush on that one and pretend that your attendance alone will allow the success fairy to wave her magic wand over your practice and, “POOF!” you will double your revenue.

However, if you listen and you make changes, you will have the plans and motivation to build your dream practice. Attorneys have indeed doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled their practices with our help. Personal incomes have followed suit. It has happened and will continue to happen to those who listen and act.

“My spouse and/or law partner has doubts.”

There will always be doubters. There will always be those people who think that success is achieved through luck or “fate...”

We all hear it. From friends, from business partners, from family, from those who love us most.

But we often hear something different here… We hear from spouses and law partners who say, “I didn’t think this would work. I thought it sounded silly. But now we are making more money than ever.” Spouses have written us to say, “Thank you for helping my husband get home every night to go to soccer practices and dance recitals. He’s no longer in the office on weekends. He doesn’t spend his time at home stressing out about work. Thank you.”

Honestly, the best way to reverse this attitude is for you to bring your spouse and/or law partner to the Summit with you. Dozens of attendees do this every year, and the guests are always blown away by the real-life potential of what we teach. They will see first-hand examples of success – many of them, for that matter, since we don’t just have one or two case studies to point to. There won’t be any doubts then.

“I’ve been to a Great Legal Marketing event before. How will this be different?”

The most important difference is the focus on PRACTICE DEVELOPMENT. Yes, marketing will be discussed, since getting new clients allows for the funding of development costs. However, our expansion to three days (more than any previous event) allows us to expose and solve critical problems regarding the OPERATION of a law practice.

Every attendee will walk away with advanced knowledge about building a highly successful, lifestyle-supporting practice, from the people to hire to how to rapidly multiply your client base.

You will build a better future by building better systems, hiring the right people in the right jobs, and deploying outrageously more effective marketing.

“I’m just too busy.”

Ants are busy. The real question is whether you are living a fulfilled life on your terms. Lots of attorneys are “busy.” So busy they work nights and weekends. I call that torture.

Unless there is a trial date scheduled already, you have to answer this: Are you too busy to take the next step in improving your practice and your life? Are you too busy to find the answers to your burning questions? Too busy to put yourself in a room where everyone is driving toward the same goals as you?

The Great Legal Marketing National Summit

October 19th, 20th, & 21st
Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel
2800 S Potomac Ave
Arlington, VA 22202

reserve your spot

In the end, whatever doubt may creep into your head should be erased by…

My “Make the Smart Choice” Guarantee! (You Take Zero Risk)

Here’s the deal: You have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee on your attendance at this event. If at the end of the conference you decide that we have not blown you away, let me know and you get 100% of your money back, guaranteed. We’ll even pay for up to $500 of your documented travel expenses. PLUS, if for some reason you are unable to attend after signing up, you can get a full refund up to 30 days before the event (or credit toward a future event if you cancel less than 30 days prior to the event).

Who Belongs at This Year’s National Practice-Building Summit?

Attendees of past Summits and those signed up already for this year’s event share one thing in common: an entrepreneurial spark and passion to build a successful law practice. This group is more generous and more positive than any you will find assembled for a legal conference.

Ideas flow out of the main room into the hallway, where you will meet new friends, advisors, and partners.

There is a powerful networking effect at the Summit. Nowhere is there a better group of attorneys worth associating with.

Even vendors and sponsors have gone out of their way to remark on the quality and caliber of the attorneys in attendance.

If you’re wondering, “Do I belong,” find yourself below...

“This was the most important learning experience I’ve had in years. The message driven home is that I can take control of my practice and my life. This is so much more than a marketing conference. It really is a reminder of why I became an attorney and the joy our profession can bring to our lives. Thank you to all!”

- Richard Carter (disability attorney, VA)

“I’m NEW to ‘PRACTICE DEVELOPMENT’ and don’t know where to start. Do I belong?”

One hundred percent “YES.” Do not be ashamed of where you’re starting, because we’ve all been there. We were all told “just do good work and the cases will come.” Then the real world interrupted that idea.

Be part of a group who understand the real problems faced by solo and small firm attorneys. And hear from speakers who have solutions for you.

Attending the Summit can feel like “drinking from the firehose,” according to many who attend. BUT THAT’S OK. You don’t have to accomplish everything you learn all at once. As a matter of fact, the best thing you can do is take notes on all of it, but focus on implementing just 3-5 new strategies after going home. Even ONE GREAT IDEA on its own can change the course of your future.

“What if I run a LARGER PRACTICE and feel like I have a few systems in place already?”

You’re set to profit immensely based on what you will learn.

Even the most systems-oriented among us have gaps to fill and holes to patch. You will see not only how to ensure what you’ve built will continue to function as expected, but how to expand into new practice areas and open new locations.

Your competition turns a blind eye to these strategies. You have immense opportunity awaiting you as an established practice owner. But you cannot grab these chances until you are 100% prepared to scale up your practice without exposing dangerous risks. Don’t worry, because this Summit is focused on finding those risks and turning them into strengths. You will confidently maneuver your practice to greater fortune.

Don’t want to grow physically? That’s okay! I have many offices throughout the state where I can meet potential clients and so I can effectively advertise in those regions, but only my main office is staffed through the week. I can show you how to achieve this kind of “growth” without having to build a giant staff to do it.

“MY LAW FIRM IS WELL-ESTABLISHED in the area. What can you teach me that I don’t already know?”

Our profession is changing more RIGHT NOW than it has since legal marketing was “born” in 1977. The threats are more numerous than ever. The amount of money pouring in from non-legal entities is unprecedented – LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer took their millions and figured out what today’s consumer wants.

Remember, book stores once laughed at Jeff Bezos and his audacious idea that people would order books on the Internet.

You need to prepare for the threats on the horizon. I’ve been doing this for quite a while, and I’ve watched law firms “too big to fail” sink suddenly and catastrophically.

It’s not enough to be well-established. The time has come to put up barriers to entry against all competitors. You will discover how to erect these defenses and circle the wagons through superior marketing, management, and service.

It’s not enough to be well-established. The time has come to put up barriers to entry against all competitors. You will discover how to erect these defenses and circle the wagons through superior marketing, management, and service.

WHERE to Be and WHEN to Be There

If you’ve skipped ahead to this section just to get the quick details, turn back NOW to page 3 to learn about the Four Stages of Control or page 10 to see who is already lined up to speak at this year’s Summit.

However, if you’ve made it here interested in attending and are looking for the final details before committing, here’s what you need to know...

WHEN: 8 AM on Thursday, October 19 through 3 PM on Saturday, October 21

Due to overwhelming positive feedback at previous Summits, I decided for the first time ever to host an extended 3-day Summit (normally two days in the past). This is not a casual “let’s take a mini-vacation to play some golf” legal marketing conference. You will enjoy three jam-packed days of proven, life-altering systems for practice growth and wealth attraction.

WHERE: Renaissance Capital View
Hotel Arlington, Virginia

(minutes from Reagan National Airport)

You know the venue of an event can make a big difference in your ability to relax and focus on the speakers. That’s why we are returning for a fifth year to the Renaissance.

Attendees rave about the hotel, and its convenient location next to Reagan Airport means you’re just a short shuttle ride away from the destination after landing.

Additionally, there are restaurants located within walking distance, so you won’t be stuck eating “hotel food” through your stay.

By the way, some past attendees brought their families with them for a quick vacation in the nation’s capital. The hotel is just four miles from The White House with easy access to the city.

“There have been a number of movies and TV shows – three of which immediately come to mind: X-Men, The Matrix, and the show Heroes – in which the premise is that there are people with superpowers among us without the rest of us realizing it. This is how I felt about your GLM conference – that I was let in on this amazing meeting of super legal marketers. The things you are doing and teaching are so advanced and so much on the cutting edge, that I have a huge advantage over my competitors.”

- Bob Battle (DUI/reckless driving; VA)

The Urgency of the Subject Before Us...

Building a law practice you love could take decades if left to chance. Many attorneys retire or die young with only 80-hour workweeks and missed family activities to show for it. They might be wealthy, but there's something missing – a perceived but unaddressed gap. And for many, they won't even have the wealth to show for all their hard work.

If I didn't seek out help earlier on, I dread to think about plateau on which I would still be stuck... It's almost overwhelming to imagine.

But I did seek out help. As soon as possible.

I didn't know it at the time, but I had stumbled upon one of the REAL SECRETS of Success: a Sense of Urgency.

The #1 difference between successful practice owners and those who remain dissatisfied is your Sense of Urgency.

One group sees opportunity and allows the compulsion to learn and act take over. The other group prefers the role of skeptic and critic. It's a lot more comfortable to be the critic. It requires less work.

To be successful, you must ACT.

You face a chance right now to Take Major Action. There is no doubt that those crazy few who join their fellow success-seekers in October are the ones set to benefit. There’s no learning and progressing without being there.

I want to help attorneys like you who are ready to regain control and BUILD A BETTER PRACTICE from what you already started. I want to help you in helping new clients, hiring new employees, and improving your life.

This is an exciting moment. There is a great amount of power in re-inventing your practice and in finding a breakthrough opportunity or process. You will be in the one space dedicated to bringing the best outcome for solo and small firm attorneys. You won’t hear incessant warnings trying to stop you from stepping on toes like at other events. You are invited to come to where you will be UNLEASHED, free to explore ways to MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER.

Indecision and Procrastination Are the Enemies of Success; Action Its Best Friend

This choice is yours. Change or status quo. Advance forward or stay put.

My case is made. There will be hundreds who read this and make the choice to take part. You too can prepare for a lifetime of success. Others will idly sit on their thumbs at home – only thoughts of “what if” to keep them company.

Despite my best efforts, I can’t force your hand. I can’t sign the form, and I can’t require you to make the right choice.

Ultimately, I want people in the room who are serious about creating a better, brighter, more successful future for themselves. If you rue the idea of “creating success,” all the better you don’t attend.

This is an opportunity to MAKE MORE of the BEST INVESTMENT you ever made: your law practice.

Silence the doubters and the critics.

Change the lives of those around you.

Decision Time arrives. Your registration form awaits your choice.

I look forward to congratulating you in person on your smart decision.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Ben Glass

P.S. A series of escalating price deadlines will occur. Pay careful attention to the instructions on the order form to secure the greatest discount available.

P.P.S. I do expect a sellout. It happens year after year. The sooner you register, the sooner you can plan travel accordingly. Membership is higher than ever before, and members are the first to snatch up tickets (at an increased discount – refer to included form for information).

P.P.P.S. Do the math... Just one great idea, taken and implemented, is likely worth tens of thousands of dollars in new clients to your practice. What would you do with that money? Go on vacation? Increase the kids’ college savings plans? Reinvest in your practice? Pay off your mortgage? This is a life-changing experience awaiting your decision.

The Great Legal Marketing National Summit

October 19th, 20th, & 21st
Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel
2800 S Potomac Ave
Arlington, VA 22202

reserve your spot
  • Surpassed my 2015 total revenue in the first three quarters of 2016!

    “Great combo of inspiration, networking, and strategies you can ‘swipe and deploy’ immediately back in the office. This was my second Summit and with the strategies I implemented after last year’s Summit, I’ve already surpassed my 2015 total revenue in the first three quarters of 2016!”

    -Kristen Marks (wills, trusts, and estates; FL)

  • It’s confirmed: this stuff works!

    “I joined GLM over two years ago and saw the potential. After attending my second GLM Summit, it’s confirmed: this stuff works! From the 2015 Summit to the 2016 Summit, I’ve seen tremendous growth in my practice. I can proudly say that 2016 has exceeded 2015, and it’s only October! Heck, we did it by Labor Day, and it’s all because of GLM’s teachings!”

    -Daniel Izquierdo (criminal defense; FL)

  • I am excited moving forward!

    “Without doubt, I have been presented with more and better marketing ideas at this seminar than any I’ve attended in 31 years of practice. Coupled with the enthusiasm and camaraderie I’ve experienced here, I am excited moving forward and proud of the increased level of service I can provide to clients and prospective clients.”

    -Jim Monast (workers’ compensation and disability; OH)

  • It’s amazing how energizing it is!

    “The best part for me was getting to spend a couple days with like-minded people who love what they are doing. It’s amazing how energizing it is! Thanks for an awesome Summit!”

    -Dave Ward (family law; GA)

  • Useful, practical information on how to market your practice

    “Packed full of useful, practical information on how to market your practice and step-by-step examples and strategies to grow revenues!”

    -Jason Schultz (personal injury; GA)

  • 2016 has been my best year in long time!

    “Very good, motivational, inspiring. In February 2016, I decided to really commit to implementing the core GLM strategies. I still have a long way to go, but 2016 has been my best year in long time!”

    -Matthew Dunaway (bankruptcy; AL)

  • Attendance mandatory in my mind

    “This was my second year, and I brought with me again my marketing director. The information presented is always top-notch and, coupled with networking with other like-minded attorneys, and the mindset education, makes attendance mandatory in my mind. Invaluable resources!”

    -Kellam Parks (family law; VA)

  • Exceeded my expectations yet again

    “You and your team exceeded my expectations yet again. I was impressed not only by the knowledge and creativity of everyone present, but also the kindness and eagerness to share ideas shown by your team and the other attendees. Not only are you a collection of brilliant minds, but of kind hearts and generous spirits. Thank you!”

    -Carol O’Connor-Cadiz (family law; IL)

The Great Legal Marketing National Summit

October 19th, 20th, & 21st
Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel
2800 S Potomac Ave
Arlington, VA 22202

reserve your spot