Build BIG PIPELINES of High-Value Clients Flooding Your Phones

The success secrets generating double- and triple-digit growth in America’s most enjoyable and interesting solo and small law firms... plus, nine methods, strategies, and campaigns used by hidden million-dollar practices.

When, Where & Who

WHEN: October 3-5, 2019 (early start on the 3rd, concluding by 3 PM Eastern on the 5th)

WHERE: Arlington, Virginia, at the Renaissance Capitol View Hotel (mere minutes from Reagan National Airport with hotel shuttle available)

WHO: I’m sharing a highlight list of names with you on the further down the page. More are to be added, but these experts are already set to present...

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Meet Your “Too Many Clients” Prosperity Guides!


Ben Glass

Owner and Founder of BenGlassLaw

In the past three years, my law firm quadrupled the revenue in an underperforming practice area, hired two new attorneys (including one of my sons), moved into a brand-new office that roughly doubled our square footage, and increasingly allowed me to move into the CEO/visionary role I most enjoy.

This is all prelude to the simple fact of how I got there: revenue, generated by clients, produced by marketing. Yes, there has been high-level work on staffing, refining the long-term vision, and a great deal more. However, the foundation is great marketing, from the advertising to the phone answering to the in-office experience – and everything in between.

At this year’s Summit, you’re in for a hot-off-the-presses examination of the state of modern marketing with yours truly.

I will show you the methods I use to not only increase revenue in my practice but to put more money in my bank account than ever before. Yes, this will go well beyond the marketing, because I want you to personally experience the financial benefits. It’s not enough to simply scale up a practice if it only adds more headaches to your life. Instead, you and I will explore the PROFIT generation side of marketing. How do you attract the highest-value clients? How do you turn those clients into rabid referral sources? And how do you turn this growth into money in your pocket? All will be answered at the Summit!


Charley Mann

Chief Marketing Strategist and Expert Direct Response Marketer

Those inside Great Legal Marketing’s membership know Charley well. For nine years, he has grown from a marketing assistant to being my steadfast number two. Inside the walls of membership, attorneys rely on him to clearly communicate marketing strategies and opportunities.

Arguably, the most important thing Charley delivers to members is a consistency in his principles. There are plenty of Millennials out there who would gladly exploit the latest fads to make a quick buck, but Charley stays steady with a focus on time-tested, real-world marketing that generates actual results. I trust him with my marketing, as do the members who enjoy access to his advice.

You will hear from Charley how to build a FULL MARKETING FRAMEWORK that allows you to explode the results of any advertising opportunity. There are at least six key cogs in your marketing machine that can be replaced or refurbished to dramatically increase the quantity and quality of clients. Each one will be dissected, examined, and reassembled to your tremendous benefit during this year’s “Too Many Clients” Summit!


Naren Aryal

Co-founder, CEO, and publisher of Mascot Books and Amplify Publishing

After starting his career as a Washington lawyer, Naren launched Mascot Books in 2003 with the publication of his first book.

As an author himself (How to Sell a Crapload of Books: 10 Secrets of a Killer Author Marketing Platform), Naren understands the game-changing ability of launching the right book for your business. As a publisher, he’s well-versed in the market factors that determine a project’s ultimate level of success. Naren’s more than 15 years of publishing experience have made him an expert in the editorial, production, distribution, and marketing arenas.

It’s worth mentioning that my newest book – and the most intimate discussion of raising a successful family and running a successful law firm – is being published by Mascot Books. The process has already been excellent, and I asked Naren to share his insights into authorship in the modern age and all of the advantages that come with being “the guy/gal who wrote the book on it.”


Michael Mogill

Founder and CEO of Crisp Video Group

Multiple years in a row on the INC 5000 fastest-growing private companies. Multiple years of “best place to work” awards in Atlanta. Michael knows how to run a business. He knows how to scale up a business. He is someone who determinedly put himself on the map with his company, Crisp Video Group.

Additionally, Michael is an “outsider insider.” His company does a ton of video and marketing work for law firms, so he is well aware of our profession and the market in which we operate. However, he is not an attorney himself and runs a non-legal company, giving you a fresh take on building a business. It is critical that every law firm owner look outside our profession for inspiration, and I am confident you will get that when you hear from Michael.


Alex Hambrick

Vice President of Ngage Legal

As the VP of Ngage Legal, Alex has been a resource to countless Great Legal Marketing members who want to get more leads from their website traffic. This year, I asked Alex to share his advice on the future of live chat and how law firms can capture more leads in an ever-evolving internet marketing ecosystem.

Potential clients will skim through more websites than ever before in the quest to find “the right attorney.” You must have a system in place to Stop the Shop and engage with the person. Most websites leave it up to guesswork and just hope for a phone call. My own website employs a series of systems to get a client to interact with us – one of those key systems is live chat. Alex will help you understand why live chat is important and who it is best suited for. This could, quite seriously, be a $10,000 per month swing for you. There are actual stories of attorneys adding that kind of revenue to the practice by finally turning all that web traffic into what really matters: real, paying clients.


Julian Gomez

Founder and CEO of The Julian C. Gomez Law Firm

As a personal injury attorney (and long-time member of Great Legal Marketing), Julian has stayed at the forefront of beating the warning drum about autonomous vehicles... aka self-driving cars.

These developments have potential wide-ranging repercussions for our entire profession. Personal injury attorneys who focus primarily on car accident claims are all preparing for a dramatic collapse in potential clients. It is a serious threat to your ability to make money. You need to be prepared to maximize your current cases and to diversify your portfolio in the future.

Think it’s just car accident attorneys who need to be concerned? You would be dead wrong. Self-driving vehicles will affect disability cases, workers compensation claims, and more. Fortunately, Julian will host a breakout session at the Summit to help you better understand the implications of a self-driving future.


Tom Foster

Founder and CEO of Foster Web Marketing

Those who have been around GLM and the Summit know Tom well. Whether or not you are a client of Foster Web Marketing, you have benefited from Tom’s long-time insight in the online legal marketing world.

Over two decades of working on the front lines of web development, he has seen it all. I mean it. Search engine optimization has come a long, long way over those 20 years, and it gives Tom a historical perspective on shifts in the industry. That’s why he is back once more to share what attorneys can expect to change in the coming years.

One of the best reasons to listen to Tom is that he not an internet-only guy. He views your website as a HUB. It is a central place, but it not the only place where marketing happens. He will show you how to merge the offline and online worlds to make sure your marketing transitions seamlessly between the two. (The transition point from offline to online is a critical juncture that often causes failures with advertising.)


Jill Frillman

Founder and Owner of Bookkeeping Etc, Inc.

If you’re getting too many clients, you absolutely need to know how to manage all that money. Law firms have unique scaling struggles when it comes to balancing revenue and staffing – your largest source of overhead.

You don’t want to staff up too quickly and drain your personal account to make payroll, but you can’t always wait for the money to come in. Mastering your financials plays a huge role in better management of your firm.

Jill spoke to my MasterMind group about the Profit FirstTM methodology a few years ago, and for many it helped them radically change how they handle their financials, resulting in better profit and smarter decisions. You want to put more money in your pocket. That’s where Jill comes in. She can show you a reliable path to turning revenue into actual profit and using your numbers to make smart decisions about your practice.


Mike Ramsey

President of Nifty Marketing

Two years ago, Mike brought a representative from Google with him to do a special Q&A breakout session. His info and presentation style was so well received, I knew this was a person I wanted to have back.

Last year, he had audience members developing blisters at the pace they were writing notes. And this year, he will be a vital contributor to the “Too Many Clients” concept.

Mike is the President of Nifty Marketing, which includes NiftyLaw. He is the author of Winning at Local Search and a partner at LocalU, which provides beginner to advanced conferences in the realm of local search marketing.  Mike founded Nifty in 2009 and it has been recognized by Inc. as one of the fastest growing companies in America. He started in the world of internet marketing during a college course at BYU-Idaho. The course was designed to start an online business and try to sell something online. Being from Idaho, Mike chose huge Idaho potatoes and started selling 50lb boxes around the country. More and more people began asking for consulting which lead to Nifty becoming a full digital marketing agency with verticals in legal and... pest control! (I’m sure there’s a joke I can make at our profession’s expense there, but I’ll leave it alone for now.)


Dave Frees

Founder of Success Technologies

The always electric and entertaining Dave brings with him decades of experience as an attorney... and a negotiations/interrogation expert for US intelligence organizations.

He is just as likely to tell you about a wild encounter with a tiger in Thailand or an odd exchange with foreign forces as he is to share his law firm’s marketing strategies. And that is a good thing, because there is a lot to learn from both parts of Dave’s well-traveled life!

Dave is an expert marketer who keeps great company, including folks like Perry Marshall and Frank Kern. Best of all, he is always testing and inventing campaigns for his own law firm, yielding immense amounts of data – numbers he uses to make it even better the next time around.

I wouldn’t keep bringing Dave back if audiences didn’t enjoy him so darn much, and I am as excited as ever to put the unpredictable antics and vaunted expertise of Dave to work for YOU. (Of course, you actually have to be there to get it.)

More Coming Soon!

We will continue to update this page and add more speakers as we confirm them!

There Are 5 Types of Attorneys
Who MUST Attend This Event...

This year’s Summit is for lawyers who are serious about making more money and improving their lives. I tend to attract attorneys who are ready for advanced success thinking and strategies – ideas well beyond anything offered by a traditional lawyer organization. I know that this Summit will rapidly improve the success for...


Lawyers who are just starting to build up the marketing for their practices as they look to improve profits and cash flow. You will learn how to build effective Great Legal Marketing-style marketing from the ground up.

Lawyers who are frustrated with their current marketing and tired of wasting their money on schemes that just haven’t panned out. We work year-round to identify the top opportunities for attorneys to market their practices better.



Lawyers with already successful practices who want to gain another edge over their competition. This could be in the form of a major upgrade to how you attract new leads or a few smart tweaks to your intake (read: sales) process to improve the conversion rate of people signing with your firm. It could be online. It could be offline. Or it could just be an alteration in how you manage your people. You WILL find something new at this LIVE EVENT.

Lawyers who hit a plateau and are looking for fresh opportunities. It may be time to expand into a new niche within your primary practice area or to open a new office in another city. Either way, you will need scalable marketing that can quickly allow you to dominate, however you maneuver.



Lawyers who are excellent technicians but need real, “WHAT WORKS?” guidance in marketing. You have probably become fed up with so-called “marketing experts” trying to scare some dollars out of you without ever having spent a single day marketing a real, live, law practice. The “Too Many Clients” Summit is put on by a lawyer (yours truly) for lawyers.

Picture How Your Success Will Affect
the People Who Matter Most to You

Imagine sitting in the auditorium at your son’s or daughter’s high school graduation, knowing you have saved enough money to attend his/her college of choice.

Think about taking the dream vacation to Italy with your husband or wife without feeling the need to call your office every two hours.

Imagine creating jobs for local moms and college students who would love an opportunity to work at your office.

There are so many ways that your success can impact the lives of the people around you. Your family, your friends, your community. These are the people who you lift up as you lift yourself up.

Successful people become engines of success for the people around them.

How would it make you feel if you were able to more easily provide for the emotional and financial security of your own family? Or to become an entrepreneurial role model for your daughter who is thinking of starting her own business? Your time is the only irreplaceable asset that you have. If three days in Arlington, Virginia, could give you years or decades of extra time making a greater impact in your world, wouldn’t that be worth it?

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At any time during the event, if you truly believe what you are learning cannot benefit your law firm, fill out the Greatest Guarantee You’ll Ever See © form and receive:

  1. Every penny back on the price you paid for tickets.
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  4. And every quarter you spent on food while in Arlington, Virginia for the event.

Also, you will receive a $500 check made out to a family member, key employee, law partner, or someone else who was affected by you being away from the office.

I think you will agree, this is me truly putting my money where my mouth is.

NOTE: There are a couple exclusions. You will not receive a refund if you must be booted from the event for being disruptive or if you cause any problems or trouble during your stay that cause you to be ejected. You will also not receive a refund if it is deemed you decided to “run up the bill” and try to take a vacation on our dime. This guarantee is for good faith players who are in the room and take the event seriously.

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