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The most-trusted practice growth event for solo and small law firm owners brings you EXPERTS sharing their trade secrets, TOOLS to apply to your practice’s growth, and COACHING to give you clarity and inspiration for achieving more than you ever imagined possible...

October 29th-30th, 2021  |

Arlington, VA

October 29th-30th, 2021 | Arlington, VA

The Summit’s Core Values:

Intention. Innovation. Intensity.™

You and your law firm will never be the same
after experiencing this dynamic event combining the best qualities of an intimate Workshop and inspirational Mainstage!

There are three people leaving town at the same time. Each one has recently moved into a new stage in life and is ready for an adventure.

tired traveler

The first person says, “I know exactly where I want to go.” The destination is set. It’s a brave journey this person goes on, but it takes 50 years before arriving there. During this time, there are bouts of peril, encounters with vicious enemies, and endless setbacks. But one day he arrives, exhausted, realizing he travelled ten-thousand miles to go on a journey that never needed to be more than a quarter of that distance.

The second person sees the wilderness and says, “I will create clever ways to survive.” She proceeds to build snares, erect a cottage, and weave warm blankets. The rest of her life, she stays close to the town, never venturing too far, and enjoys the tinkering. But she is consumed with small improvements to her life and looks up from her table 50 years later and wonders what if she had tried to do something bigger and braver. It’s time she won’t get back.

female engineer

The third person charges out like a bull, howling out the words, “I will conquer this land!” He beats back brush day after day and keeps shouting at the wind, for it stands no chance against his fortitude. He lives much of his life cold and hungry – and exhausted. While he has no trouble picking himself up again, he never stops to calculate his next move. For 50 years, his stamina holds up, until he looks around and realizes he hasn’t built anything, he hasn’t really gotten anywhere, and there’s no end in sight – no rest for this weary traveler who is still out in the wilderness.

Who are these people?

The first is Intention. He knows where he is going, and by defining the destination will ultimately end up there. However, the journey is long and arduous with no time to enjoy his surroundings.

The second is Innovation. She is always tinkering and coming up with new plans. They are very clever ideas, but most of them stay in her notebooks, for she is afraid to launch them into the world.

The third is Intensity. He does everything with tremendous energy. He can travel great distances in a short span of time. However, his movement is random and leaves him stranded.

Most Entrepreneurs Are One of the Three – You Will Be All Three Together

Achievement on a scale great than you are currently experiencing is built around these three principles:

1. Set your Intention.

2. Create your Innovation to achieve the goal.

3. Attack both processes with Intensity.


Imagine how much easier the journey would have been for the first person if he spent more time finding the resources and creating the plan to get to his destination. There would be far less wandering.

Many law firm owners say they want to grow to a specific number in revenue and profit, but they don’t create the plan to get there.


Then there is the second person who was so clever but wasn’t sure where she wanted to go.

These are the firm owners who tinker with their practices but nothing really changes. They stay close to where they started, because they aren’t really sure where to go.


And then there is our intense third person. He talked a big game, but he was all over the map. There were some highs, but there were also deep lows.

The intense firm owner talks about growth and scaling and abundance, but there is little practical application of these ideas. Too much of his success is owed to stumbling into the right place at the right time – not a sustainable way to live.

But combined...

These three would be a powerful force!

Your greatest responsibility is leading the charge on all three fronts.

This is what you signed up for when you opened the doors to your law firm. Whether you’re doing $400,000 or $4,000,000 per year or more in revenue, this is your greatest task! You stand at the front, setting the direction, developing the most valuable strategies, and creating the energy required to inspire everyone to achieve the outcome together.

Prosperity is Achieved Faster When You Bring Intention, Innovation, and Intensity Together

This immense job of leading the way for your firm sounds overwhelming. And there are times when every firm owner wants to throw the whole thing out!

Even worse, you are a unique type of person. It’s not “normal” to start a business. It’s not “normal” to take this kind of risk. And it’s not “normal” to bear such responsibility.

But normal is BORING, and we only have this one life to live!

In shirking the normal path, you have opened up a world of opportunities for yourself.

This is the double-edged sword of the entrepreneur, and the first problem you must solve.

Untitled design(4)
Untitled design(5)

With so many options, you may find yourself pulled in so many directions.

Even after deciding on one path, you are beckoned soon after by another, promising you an even more pleasant and prosperous ending. Without setting your INTENTION, you will experience a never-ending cycle of indecision. How can you possibly make forward-moving decisions without knowing which direction is actually forward toward the end goal?

Once you know your intention, the path to get there can be built in reverse – you create your INNOVATIONS to get there. You see all the options with clarity, and you will naturally come up with clever solutions to your problem. Why does it work this way? It’s simply because you know what you want for your outcome. Instead of just experimenting and seeing what the outcome might be, you follow a plan to guarantee a specific outcome.

And then the final ingredient is INTENSITY. This is speed in action. It requires mental energy and engagement from you – being “on” in a way few others ever are. You can achieve what some call a flow state, but it is really the combination of knowing the destination and the plan that allows for intensity. If you watch a master crafter at his or her work, you will see a person executing with intensity. He or she doesn’t need to think about the individual steps, because they are so deeply ingrained in the crafter’s mind and the final outcome is already realized in the imagination.

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Life is MUCH Easier When You Have Great Support

Even the most stalwart and independent law firm owners need a place to go where people “get you.”

It can be lonely at the top.

Most lawyers don’t understand the real pressure of what you do... paying salaries, tough decisions, building the practice, etc.

After 2020, it’s understandable if you feel like your perspective is shaken.

What seemed possible before feels farther and farther away. But that’s just a feeling created by all the negativity poured into our world by the commonplace doubters and naysayers. The truth is that opportunities are abound for the real entrepreneurs like you.

When your passion for your practice is combined with industry-leading strategies, plans, and processes, the possibilities become UNLIMITED!

I want to give you my most powerful strategies.

I want you to actually them to use.

And I want to combine these ideas with other incredible business development, marketing, management, and mindset growth strategies from best-in-class speakers – both inside and outside our industry.

The 2021 Heroes and Icons Summit from Great Legal Marketing will DELIVER everything you need to set your Intention, identify your most-needed Innovations, and get you to move with massive Intensity.

There Has NEVER Been a Better Time to Be a Law Firm Owner

Let’s not beat around the bush. 2020 wasn’t easy. However, for law firm owners who acted proactively, the losses were mitigated.

Better yet, law firms are well-positioned to turn the next 3-5 years into YOUR BEST YEARS EVER.

The market forces are in your favor... if you can just take a few critical steps to capitalize on the biggest opportunity in 15 years you’ve seen to capture more of your market.

glm 2020 day 2-50


Make improvements to both the internal and external structure of leadership for your firm. This serves to increase internal productivity (especially through decision-making processes) and external authority (improving your market position substantially).


Your prospective clients search for your information in a wide variety of ways. There has never been a more diverse set of informational resources. You can quickly increase the intake of new clients by innovating the different ways someone can find you and first engage your firm.

glm 2019-10
glm 2020 day 3-55


The current talent pool is deeper than ever before, not just because of layoffs but because many people are looking to transition from their current workplace. Your greatest advantage is the acquisition of the highest-quality people available. You need to balance being smart about hiring and being aggressive about it.

These developments, when done simultaneously, are the keys to capturing large parts of your marketplace. (This is your bright and shiny silver lining from 2020: many law firms cycled down a gear – or three – on their marketing and lost ground. You can now take this newly available ground, but it won’t be available forever! Act with urgency!)

Feel a little overwhelmed at the prospect of doing all of that the right way while simultaneously being a lawyer?

The greatest gift you can give yourself as an entrepreneur is acknowledging that you don’t have to do all of this alone. You can surround yourself with incredible ideas, people, and energy to drive you forward like a charging bull on a mission.

2021 Heroes & Icons Summit Speakers


Dallas Seavey

5-Time Iditarod Sled Dog Race Champion


Michael Canic

President | Making Strategy Happen


Ben Glass

Founder & CEO | BenGlassLaw and Great Legal Marketing


Charley Mann

President and Lead Coach | Great Legal Marketing


Vance Morris

Founder | Deliver Service Now


Andy Stickel

Founder | Social Firestarter


Joe Mann

CFO | BenGlassLaw and Great Legal Marketing


Tifiny Swedensky

Marketing Director | Great Legal Marketing

tom fosterr

Tom Foster

Founder & CEO | Foster Web Marketing


To Be Announced...

Speakers and Facilitators

Ben Glass

In the past five years, I’ve quadrupled my revenue in a niche practice area, hired a slew of employees growing my team from six people to over 20, wrote two books (working on a third), and launched three new Master Mind groups for attorneys and small business owners. I’m a practicing lawyer, mentor to thousands of attorneys, life coach, soccer referee, dad-to-nine, and a business owner.

It may seem like a lot for one person, but I don’t get my hands dirty with every little task. Though I play an active role in my family, my two businesses, and my hobbies, I’m working less than I ever have before. That’s because I’ve transitioned to the CEO/Visionary, and I’m in a position to dream big and let my team handle the details.

How I got here is, to the curious, a topic of interest. It wasn’t overnight – some falsely presume the opposite. I want to show you what it really takes to elevate yourself out of the daily labor and into the Law Firm Leader you are meant to be. It isn’t about wishing your way to success or just grinding along. Like most things in life, it’s not that simple. In fact, it is the intelligently crafted plan combining both that makes all the difference.

At the Summit, I will show you the methods I used to build a world-class law firm that frees me up financially and with my time.  What I love doing is teaching and leading, but your dreams may be to “run a practice from the beach” or to live in a foreign country nine months out of the year while your practice runs itself. Whatever gets you excited and makes you happy, I will show you a path to get there through smart marketing, leadership, and practice-growth tactics.

Dallas Seavey

Dallas is an American dog musher who won the Iditarod four times in 2012, 2014, 2015, and 2016. He’s a fierce competitor in the field, setting the all-time Iditarod record twice. The first time he set a record-breaking time, he broke the previous record by more than five hours.

Dallas returned to competition in 2021 and was the official WINNER OF THE 2021 IDITAROD SLED DOG RACE. At this year’s Summit, Dallas is sharing his insights into being a high-performer even under the most stressful conditions. He pushes himself and his team to their outermost limits across 900+ miles of Alaskan wilderness in winter... so we are 100% confident there is a lot to learn from this master of his craft!

Not only is Dallas the youngest world champion in long distance racing, he is also a business owner, a kennel master, and an international competitive dog musher. On the stage he will talk about team-building, leadership, and the competitive spirt.

Dallas is a one-of-a-kind speaker with a unique experience in one of the oldest competitive events in North America – learn from a 5-time CHAMPION!

Charley Mann

I’ve often considered Charley my “secret weapon” when it comes to all things practice development. While there are dozens of well-informed, smart people in my life, Charley has been with me and my practice for well over ten years and knows the inner workings of both my companies better than anyone else could.

Currently, Charley closely coaches dozens of law firms as private clients and through our two mastermind programs, in addition to the hundreds of other members and thousands of fans and followers of Great Legal Marketing.

His one-on-one experience working with these attorneys (and in my firm) gives him a unique “insider-outsider” perspective on a growing law firm. He’s seen what creates success at the fastest-growing law firms in the country and can clearly articulate the “how” and the “why” behind the success.

Each year at the Summit, Charley delivers an incredible mix of big-picture strategies and actionable ideas that WORK. Unlike many other coaches and consultants, Charley has first-hand experience creating this growth (instead of just watching it happen) and knows the ins-and-outs of how to make it happen. His guidance is something our members value as much as I do, and you will get to experience that at the 2021 Great Legal Marketing Summit

Michael Canic

Michael is a PhD in the Psychology of Human Performance, national championship winning coach, corporate leader and author, a book all about how to successfully create real organizational change. His skills as a leader and coach have led him to develop a comprehensive model for success that you can read about in his wildly popular (and hard-hitting) book, Ruthless Consistency. Philosophically, Michael’s approach is a PERFECT FIT. In a world where everyone has a “hack or simple tip,” Michael preaches the value of consistency across the board. It’s not one thing that drives your success. You must be dedicated to improvement on many fronts.

Michael’s book and coaching focuses on what actually brings success. As a speaker, he wants to make his audience uncomfortable by putting them face-to-face with what they haven’t done and know they MUST do. As a GLM Summit keynote, you will walk away from his presentation inspired and equipped to deal with the challenges you must face to create radical improvement in your practice.

Andrew Stickel

Andrew is the model for a self-made, internet age entrepreneur. He started his first business at the tender age of 19, a concert promotions company, and continued to learn and grow as a digital marketer.

In the last thirteen years, Andrew has amassed incredible experience in all things digital marketing, making him a jack-of-all-trades in the online marketing world. In 2021, he launched Social Firestarter, a new-age marketing firm that helps companies define or redefine their brand, personality, and image using social media. His focus is on helping businesses transform “followers” to clients and referral sources.

Andrew’s fresh perspective and deep experience in social media has allowed him grow his own following so he can share his experience with the wider business world.

Tom Foster

Tom and his team at Foster Web Marketing have long been a part of the Great Legal Marketing universe. He is a veteran speaker at our events and his focus is making attorney websites that 1) attract prospect and 2) convert those prospects into clients.

Those who’ve heard Tom speak at our events before knows that he delivers a wealth of information about digital marketing. His perspective on digital marketing is current, and sometimes trendy, but it is always mixed with a healthy does of common sense. Tom is also extremely approachable, often hanging around the event space long after the days speakers our done to educate our attendees on what he knows!

Tifiny Swedensky

If you want to know how my law firm competes in one of the toughest markets in the country for law firm online advertising, you’ll need to talk with Tifiny. She was the powerhouse behind our online lead generation.

Tifiny does an amazing job bridging the gap between the Big Thinking that you need to put into your digital marketing and the In-the-Trenches Implementation info. You will instantly understand why she was such a valuable resource for my law firm and is now one of the most-trusted marketing voices for our members.

You will get the most up-to-date look at best practices for overall lead generation for your law firm. She isn’t just going to dump a bunch of “SEO hacks” on you. (That’s what most other conferences do, sadly. Those always sound good, but they are often not of real substance.) Her session will focus on the comprehensive plan for gathering more leads and client online. Expect to walk away with extreme clarity and structure for your next digital marketing moves!

You’ll hear from all these speakers (plus many more!) But even better than the speakers on the stage are the attendees in the room. Which leads us to…

The Best Part of Any Great Legal Marketing Event (According to Us)… YOU, the Attendees!

My staff looks forward to the Great Legal Marketing Summit each year for one important reason… we LOVE the attendees. It sounds corny, even downright cheesy, but we make sure to fill the room with incredible attorney-entrepreneurs just like you because you are our favorite people! For days after the event, my staff walks around with big smiles and a positive attitude because we just spent two days with the people we work so hard for year-round. (I know this part sounds selfish. And I’m supposed to put the focus on you. However, I’ve been to events where you can see the staff grimacing. That’s why I believe it’s important for you to know this: Our team loves this work with all its interesting challenges and opportunities!)

You’ll have this same experience as well! The attorneys at the event are your peers. They share your mindset, understand your struggles, and are working toward similar goals as you.

Me and my staff love this event because we love being in the same room as attorney entrepreneurs, but you’ll love it because you’ll be meeting attorneys who share your ambition.

Our attendees are like our “hidden speakers,” because I guarantee you’ll learn as much from the other people in the room as you will from the speakers on the stage. PLUS, you’ll make so many connections that your calendar for the next year could be filled with lunches and phone calls with attorneys who share your vision.

It’s a relief to discover that you are not the only one who thinks, feels, and lives the practice of law the way you do. Come to the Great Legal Marketing Summit and discover a room full of attorneys who will enrich your life and make for great online/offline connections!

attendees 3

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Event Dates & Venue

HEROes & ICONs Summit Begins October 29th-30th, 2021

Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel

For 9 years Great Legal Marketing has trusted the Renaissance to provide a top-level event experience.

The Renaissance is one of the top-reviewed hotels in the Washington DC area, within walking distance of many stylish restaurants and attractions.

We reserve room-blocks for our attorney attendees, so you will be able to book your room without stress!

summit 2019 photo

Give Yourself Intention, Innovation, and Intensity™!

This year’s annual Heroes and Icons Summit from Great Legal Marketing is a transformative two-day event built around the concept of SUDDEN PROPULSION Toward a Known Major Goal.

It is the platform... the catapult... the rocket engine constructed to move you from your status quo into the exciting, opportunity-filled future ahead of you!

This one-of-a-kind event includes:

Personal growth as a leader, including how to take the Best Ideas and turn them into Policies and Actions... bridging the gap between what you know you should do as a leader and what you actually do!

Hiring advice for the modern employer, developed specifically for law firms and your unique positional needs

HERO and ICON presentations from high-producing members of GLM

Three new SUCCESS TOOLS to take home and use from Great Legal Marketing, including a brand-new time management method to double your monthly output of high-level work

Executive Sessions for the law firm owners and Support Sessions for other team members to improve team communication, goal-setting, and personal productivity

Your road map to MASSIVE IMPLEMENTATION, featuring structured guidance on the rollout of in-house management policies, marketing campaigns, and personal development landmarks

Planning sessions to set your goals for a full year of rapid, accelerating growth

Best-in-class digital marketing strategies from the in-house GLM team and industry experts

Personal development speakers to encourage you and show you how to make the most of your mind, body, and spirit in living YOUR GREATEST LIFE

Networking session designed to reward you for making connections

Prizes and rewards for attendees, including a raffle for an exclusive consultation package from Great Legal Marketing valued at $15,000!


This Event is Perfect For...

Six-figure firm owners aiming to shatter the seven-figure ceiling

Ambitious owners who struggle with building a team underneath them to rapidly accelerate growth and achieve escape velocity from the dreaded time-money chain

Seven-figure firm owners who still carry big case loads and can’t find time to actually work ON the practice instead of always in it

Owners who keep hitting a “need more clients” barrier on the way to the next stage of growth (and would love scalable marketing ideas that get bigger as the firm gets bigger)

Exhausted owners who feel like they’ve been holding the weight of the world on their shoulders while navigating the firm through the most difficult year on record

Opportunity-minded owners looking for “broken markets” in the legal marketplace ripe for someone to swoop in and gather up big buckets of new clients

Firm owners who want to grow as leaders in their firms and communities

Any lawyer who has to “eat what you kill” and wants to see how high-performance marketing can make your year the best ever

Non-Member Tickets

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  • BONUS: 3I Follow-Up Event (Scheduled for 1st Week of December)
  • Discounted Guest Tickets
  • Member Rates for Hotel Rooms

HERO/ICON Member Tickets

  • Ongoing Access to Event Recordings and Slides
  • Special Members-Only Gift
  • After-Event Care Package
  • BONUS: 3I Follow-Up Event (Scheduled for 1st Week of December)
  • Discounted Guest Tickets
  • Member Rates for Hotel Rooms

The Reasons You May Be Thinking of Not Attending...

“Will I learn something new at this event? I’ve pretty much heard it all.”

Have you ever wished that you could return to your earlier years knowing what you know now? It’s a common fantasy that everyone entertains from time to time. One of the reasons we dream of even going all the way back to high school (a not fun place for many people), is because we believe we could leverage our life experiences to create better outcomes for ourselves. We can hear the lessons taught in the classroom with a new understanding, and the lessons learned there will ‘stick’ in our brains a little better. The Great Legal Marketing Summit works this way.

Many of our members return year-after-year, hearing both new and “old” information.

Even when they do hear something they’ve learned before, they hear it with fresh ears and a new understanding.

In testimonial after testimonial, our members say, “this year, it finally clicked with me.” That’s because their understanding grows until they’ve reached the level where they finally learn what they are hearing. It’s like returning to high school with the mind of a 50-year-old, and the feeling is as gratifying as your “returning to high school” fantasies.

Additionally, at this year’s Summit, you won’t just hear from Ben Glass, you will hear from other legal (and non-legal) experts who all have something unique to share. This year, our speaker list includes a PhD and success coach, an Iditarod champion, plus industry professionals from every service you may need.

This means you are GUARANTEED to walk away with big new ideas!

“My marketing budget has been tight since 2020. Will I be able to implement anything I learn at the Summit?”

If you don’t implement new lead generation strategies, you won’t get new clients. Frankly, you can’t afford to NOT implement marketing, even if your budget is stretched thin.

Law firms that see incredible growth take risks.

When you look at the history of rapid-growing practices, they start by investing in some kind of marketing. When they get clients from that marketing, they reinvest their profits and get even more clients. This cycle either continues and the firm reaches their goals, or the cycle stops, and their practice stagnates right where it is.

The good news is not all marketing strategies require thousands of dollars to launch!

Some of our best performing members start by implementing inexpensive (but effective) strategies that costs nothing more than time and elbow grease.

“My marketing is actually pretty great. I’m getting all the leads I need, so why should I attend the Great Legal Marketing Summit?”

Though Great Legal Marketing got our start doing marketing consulting for attorneys, the tools we have developed for firms like yours have grown leaps and bounds. Our membership, events, and coaching revolves around how we can help law firm owners become GREAT BUSINESS OWNERS.

What we teach at the Summit includes a rainbow of concepts, including marketing, staff and culture management, law firm finances, new law firm technology, case processing… plus much more!

No matter where you are in your practice grow journey, you will discover something to help propel your firm to the next level.

This is what sets the Great Legal Marketing Summit apart from traditional lawyer events. Other events have a kind of ‘tunnel vision’ that prevents them from seeing the bigger picture of what happens in a practice. Marketing events teach marketing, lawyer events teach case processing, and financial events (do they even have good ones for firm owners like you and me?) teach finances.

We believe that law firms need a healthy dose of ALL these topics to thrive, and we’ve put together speakers and presentations tailored to help you reach your goals.

“My law partner/spouse/friend thinks the event is too expensive and doesn’t want to attend.”

We get it. Leaving dropping everything to fly to Washington D.C. to attend a practice-growth event is a hard pill to swallow for most people. It may be easy for you to understand why you should attend our event, but it is hard to explain the big “why” to a law partner or a spouse.

However, after learning and implementing our strategies, your significant other is likely to thank you for attending! The same spouse and/or partner who says, “I don’t think this event will help,” changes their tune after the event is through. We’ve even gotten letters from friends and family of the attorney saying, “Thank you for helping my husband get home every night to go to soccer practices and dance recitals. He’s no longer in the office on weekends. He doesn’t spend his time at home stressing out about work. Thank you.”

“The courts are opening back up and my schedule is tight. I’m not sure I can make time and there are so many other events this year. What should I do?”

Let’s be real for a second. ALL events are going to tell you that you should attend their event if you don’t attend any others. There’s a lot of competition of for your attention, and you probably don’t have the time to stop and pay attention to every company that tries to flag you down.

What I can say for sure is that you MUST go beyond your comfort zone in 2021.

A lot of law firms are still struggling to recover from the immense slow-downs of 2020, and the only way to guarantee your practice won’t continue to stagnate in 2021 is by doing something. Taking action is a requirement.

Our event is built for practicing attorneys by a team that works in and on law firms every day, and we know what your struggles are and what you need to overcome. We’ve never claimed to be the flashiest spot, but there is plenty of pizzazz and flash out there that just leaves you hanging, wondering where the real substance was... if it was ever there at all.

MISS THIS EVENT: Massive Change in
Less Than 30 Days After the Event

Our 3I (Intention, Innovation, Intensity) methodology isn’t a slogan. It’s an unyielding commitment to move you into your next stage of growth. They are the core values of the Summit. And we don’t want you to have change slowly occurring over the next 365 days after the event... Our collective objective (yes, you are part of this as well!) is to produce results in your life and law firm within 30 days after the event!

This is why every attendee is equipped with these tools:

Here’s a place to write down your goals in an organized way. You will also explore what effect you want the accomplishments to have on your life. The more definition we can give to the outcome, the sooner it is achieved!

Chock full of resources and big ideas, you will always have an answer to the question, “What should I do next?”

This will also be full of room for you to write down your notes and action items during the event, giving you clarity during and after the conference. For years to come, this will provide you with ways to grow your law firm – and yourself.

Do you know what the biggest struggle is for most event attendees? Going home and feeling their energy drain away. During the 30 days after the event, you will receive a barrage of inspirational and motivational material to redeliver the information and reinvigorate your entrepreneurial brain! Honestly, I think this will be what you enjoy the most and will provide the real propulsive power behind your personal and professional growth!

In order to achieve real progress in just 30 days, we expect you to be ready to COMMIT. Commit to change in your life and law firm. If you’re just looking for “more of the same,” there are other places to facilitate that journey. Our space is for the progress-makers!

How will you make your commitment? What will you achieve in 30 days?

While you are at the Summit, we will ask you to make at least one specific commitment to a change you will make in the next 30 days. Written down, in ink. (We checked about writing it in blood but were told repeatedly to not pursue this avenue.)

You will have a copy. I will have a copy. Both of us will know your 30-day INTENTION...

And then...

After 30 days, on December 1st...

You are invited to an additional FULL-DAY digital event built entirely around the INTENTIONS set by everyone in the room! This will give you the opportunity to ask follow-up questions, gain greater clarity for your future Intentions, and gather more Innovations to hit your goals!

Yes, this is a BONUS EVENT you can attend from anywhere to keep the supercharge you receive from the Summit going... no momentum lost – only more gained!

FREE ADDITIONAL EVENT (Exclusive for Summit Attendees Only)


December 1st – Your admission is FREE with your Summit ticket!

Be part of an all-day digital event with additional curriculum, follow-up information from the Summit, guest speakers, audience interaction, special hot seats, and more! It’s our way of keeping your internal fire burning bright! You will LOVE this just as much as the Summit – all you need to do is set the day aside and bring your Intentions and Innovations. The Intensity will be our job!

This is where our rubber meets the road...

Hundreds of firm owners and their team members are going to experience the PROPULSIVE POWER of the Intention-Innovation-Intensity trifecta. They will gain incredible market insights and advantages...

About an Important Success Behavior...

Many attorneys retire or pass on with only 80-hour workweeks and missed family activities to show for it. They might be wealthy, but there's something missing – a perceived but unaddressed gap. And, for many, they won't even have the wealth to show for all their hard work.

If I didn't seek help earlier on, I dread to think about being stuck in neutral with unrealized dreams... It's almost overwhelming to imagine.

But I did seek help. As soon as possible.

I didn't know it at the time, but I had stumbled upon one of the REAL SECRETS of Success: A Sense of Urgency.

A key difference between successful practice owners and those who remain dissatisfied is the Sense of Urgency. One group sees opportunity and allows the compulsion to learn and act take over. The other group prefers the role of skeptic and critic. It's a lot more comfortable to be the critic. It requires less work.

To be successful, we must ACT.

The Decision to Be Made

This choice is yours.

Despite my best efforts, I can’t force your hand. I can’t sign the form, and I can’t require you to make the choice I made for myself so many years ago – the beginning of my journey to the life I live today. Ultimately, I want the right lawyers in the room – those who are so excited about creating a better, brighter, more successful future for themselves, they can barely contain their excitement at discovering new ways to make life better. If this gets you going... if this sounds like the place you want to be... that is your mind giving you the needed indicators to ACT.

This is an opportunity to MAKE MORE of the BEST INVESTMENT you ever made: your law practice.

Put yourself in a position to grow even more this year.

Your choice to grow personally will positively impact the lives of those around you. You will inspire your family members, your employees, and people in your community.

Never underestimate the power of one committed entrepreneur. Never underestimate yourself.

Decision Time arrives. I eagerly await your choice.

Not to be too presumptuous, but I look forward to seeing you on October 29-30...

Dedicated to Your Success,

Ben Glass

P.S. You don’t have to be some whiz-kid genius to do the stuff we teach. You just need to actually implement the ideas. There’s no special genius to it. When a great plan meets a great implementor, incredible transformation happens. All we ask of you is WORK ETHIC.

P.P.S. Decide on your FIRST INTENTION now. What will you do with the time and money you bring into your life? You could pay down your mortgage, go on your dream vacation, add to your kids’ 529 college savings plans, and/or re-invest in your business to double down and generate even more income. These two days (plus the bonus event!) will be the start of our favorite story to hear from attendees: “It all came together when I attended the Great Legal Marketing Summit…”

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