GLM’s “Too Many Clients” 2019 Summit Marketer of the Year Information and Application

How to Play

For the brand new GLM Marketer of the Year competition, we are going to accept applications on a rolling basis, beginning April 1st.

NOTE: You must be a member in good standing who is registered for the GLM Summit in order to compete! Applications from non-members and members not registered for Summit will not be considered.

Each applicant needs to fill out a two-page survey that includes direct questions about your firm’s progress. There will be a section that will NOT be shared outside of the GLM team which includes things like current revenue and other private numbers, and there will be another section that can be used in GLM publications, videos, and other media. Both sections will be used to judge your submission. Both sections must be filled out in their entirety for the submission to be considered. If you omit a piece, we will ask you to submit the missing information, potentially pushing you back in line for consideration to be one of the contestants.

Our objective is to put good examples of positive growth on the stage. However, this growth doesn’t need to be tripling your practice in a year or any other outrageous growth statistic. It can be reclaiming your personal time, cutting your work hours in half so you spend more time with your family, better organizing your practice so you get more personal profit from it, etc.

Download the Application

How To Submit Your Application

Applications must be submitted via email to Charley Mann. You can send your completed application to

New Prize Structure

While it was fun to put a big ole check up in front of everyone, it created unnecessary stress for contestants and drama that the GLM team dealt with every year among finalists. To bring back the FUN in the competition, we are going to offer brand-new tiers of prizes that reward every finalist.

1st Place - $3,000 check plus a $1,000 credit toward future GLM events (including boot camps, intensives, the Summit, and more)

2nd Place - $2,000 check plus a $1,000 credit toward future GLM events

3rd and 4th Places - $1,000 check plus a $1,000 credit toward future GLM events

The Competition

Every contestant will have at least 15 minutes but no more than 20 minutes to present his or her case for winning Marketer of the Year. The current time slot for the event is 10:30 AM to Noon on Day One (October 3rd) of the event. The standings will be announced after lunch.

You may:

  • Sing, dance, speak or otherwise present your information from the stage during your allotted time.
  • Use PowerPoint, Keynote, any other slide deck software, or paper slides on the projector to showcase information.

You may NOT:

  • Externally campaign for votes off the stage.
  • Bribe the audience for votes in any way.
  • Complain about any other competitor’s presentation.

The competition will be judged by the attendees of the Summit who will cast paper ballots. The Great Legal Marketing team will collect and count these ballots. In the event of a tie for first place, the first and second place prizes will be split accordingly to award a joint first place finish. The final numbers will be kept private from contestants and attendees alike. If you are competing, you also trust that the integrity of the competition will be upheld by GLM and its team.

Understand that we will do our best to police the voting process. We do not want vendors to participate in voting, and they will be instructed as such. Additionally, team members of GLM will NOT vote in the competition - only paying attendees of the event will determine the outcome.

Download the Application